How to create a basic Wings Touch project

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Michael Eckschlager
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This is a short tutorial how to create a basic Wings Touch project which include a page jump.
Attached is an example with all included control functions in Wings Touch.
  1. 1.) Start Wings Touch and create a new project.
    The first step is to name the project and specify the resolution.
  • 2.) The goal from this tutorial is to jump to the second page, so the next step is to create a second page.
    Right click in the left grey area and choose "New Page". You can also doubleclick into the grey area to create a new page.
    New Page.png
  • 3.) Now we are on page two, click on page one where we want continue.
    If you are on page 1 then go to "Insert" and click on "Button".
    You are now able to drag a button with any size to the touch page.
    If you successfully created your button, right click on the button and choose "Page Jump To.." --> "Page 2".
    Button Jump to Page 2.png
  • 4.) To change the button's design, click on the button and choose "Design" in the control bar.
    Click on "Create Template" to unlock the design menu.
    Now you are able to change the design to your needs.
    Create new Template.png
  • Save your project and press F5 to execute it.
    You are able to jump to page 2!
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