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For Show creation and editing i am looking for a solution to work with a remotely installed mediaserver wich runs in master mode.

The thought behind that is to have a fixed infrastructure with mediaservers installed in a remote room while being able to create/edit shows by only using a laptop with an ethernetconnection.
The Audiooutputs on the mediaservers are generally used and since audio playback on clientmachines isn't supported, this is no option.

A working solution is using VNC (wich is already preinstalled on the Machines) but it sometimes is a bit wonky and cumbersome to use/set up.

Today i was trying to connect to the mediaserver via Windows RDP service wich seems to be a bit smoother in operation.
So far i was able to connect and get Acces to the Wings RX GUI. After connecting, the following warning pops up:
"Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Wingsengine.Startscreen.LoadEDIDSettings()"
After i click ok, the GUI appears normally. Aftr some seconds, the background turns red and there it says:
"Wings Engine not licensed".
When trying to start the Program, a warning appears, informing, that no dongle can be found (Wings and Pixera).
This behaviour obviously appears becuase of RDP.

So my Question is: Is there a way to work remotely (e.g via RDP) with Wings (or Pixera), whitout losing the feature of outputting Sound, other than using VNC?

best regards, Ben
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Michael Eckschlager
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Hi Ben,

yes, unfortunately that's not an option yet but will definitely come in the future!

RDP on Wings Engines is not recommended as you have learned already on the bad way. It "deactivates" the dongle and some features which the wings engine gui needs per default.
That's also the reason why rdp is deactivated per default.

We recommend to use Teamviewer or VNC as default software for remote control.
TV and VNC are preinstalled on the server and a "Autostart" function is included in that gui as well for this software.
If VNC is a little bit wonky sometimes it can help to update the ultravnc.ini file.
Teamviewer is still the best option for remote control, but it's not free (despite the 5 minutes time for each session).
Best Regards from Austria
Michael Eckschlager
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