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Notebook/DVI Live Input Issue & Solution

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:17 pm
by Michael Eckschlager
Dear forum users,

we experienced an issues while using notebooks as live input and want to let you know a workaround!
This issue is just happening on notebooks with an Intel HD Graphics card!

  • The live input receives wrong edid settings from the notebook!
    This leads to the effect that the edid from the live input stays still unchanged although you are changing display settings on the notebook.
  1. Connect the notebook to the live input on your engine
  2. Open the Intel Graphic Settings on your notebook
  3. Open the point "Custom Resolution"
  4. Choose your output display (in our case it has the name of our input card - DELTA-dvi D)
  5. Put in your custom resolution and set the timing standard to "CVT-RB"
  6. Click on "Add"
  7. Navigate to the "General Settings"
  8. Choose the output again
  9. Set the costum resolution which you added
  10. Activate "Maintain Display Scaling"
  11. "Apply"
Now the resolution which was added on the notebook is the same in the live input on the engine!
If you have further questions to this topic, feel free to ask!