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Pixera 1.0.7 Release

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 1:54 pm
by Michael Eckschlager
Dear Pixera users,

The new Pixera 1.0.7 Release Version is ready for you!
Please go to “Service --> Downloads  --> Software --> Pixera” on our website or just click HERE.

This version includes the following updates:
Pixera 1.0.7:
Released (15.05.2019)

  • Feature: „Take over Service“ backup functionality has been implemented
  • Feature: Pixera now supports SDI output for Pixera Servers equipped with the according 4/8 I/O 3G SDI cards 
  • Brush: Sequence Button Bar received more functionality: 
    • Toggle next cue state (ignore next cue)  
    • Joint kind
    • Toggle cut tool
    • Lock movement horizontal/vertikal 
  • Brush: SDI video outputs react to F5 and shift+esc 
  • Brush: Marker Calibration with numeric labels 
  • Fixed: fix of a memory leak that was caused by importing 3D gltf objects
  • Fixed: softedge Bugfix now works with imported 3D objects and 90 degree rotated projectors
  • Fixed: colour standard settings saved for live inputs
  • Fixed: Live Input „Active Status“ is stored in the project
  • Fixed: multiple overlapping clips had unwanted behaviour if events (keys) have only been inserted into the first clip 
  • Fixed: Custom LED objects now show the correct behaviour
  • Fixed: Import of embedded textures from FBX files

If you encounter any issues, please use the corresponding Bug & Blocker Reports section in the forum or click HERE.
For support either use or the General Discussion section in the forum HERE.
Thank you for your interest and support!