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Dear Pixera users,

this changelog contains enhancements, bug fixes, and some new features.
Note that this list is not a complete list of all fixes.
The majority of customer-reported issues, reproducible system errors, and numeric issues have been corrected.

Pixera 1.0.42:
Download | 05.09.2019
  • Feature: Implemented SMPTE Feature
  • Improvement: Audio - Support for up to 128 channels.
  • Improvement: Changes about the Camera Navigation
  • Improvement: Live Input - Latency reduced in engine.
  • Improvement: Live Input - Additional latency frame settable for standard services. Preview service always with 0 frames latency.
  • Improvement: Changed preview container from mkv to mp4 to reduce performance impact of larger files.
  • Improvement: LED and projector databases updated.
  • Improvement: Timeline - Relative resizing (Events keep their relative positions in clip on duration change)
  • Improvement:Timeline - Zoom and scroll position is restored at timeline change.
  • Improvement: Timeline - Nowpointer scrubbing performance increased.
  • Improvement: Timeline - Auto scrolling for running timelines possible (Can be enable in button bar).
  • Improvement: Alternative dump file creation.
  • Improvement: Sequence: Current time can be entered directly by using the num pad.
  • Improvement: New column in task table for showing the task-target ip address.
  • Improvement: Implemented the new RX Engine Version 2.9
  • Improvement: RX Engine - Performance of file openings optimized.
  • Improvement: Resources - When replacing an image sequence file browser multi selection enabled.
  • Improvement: RX - Optimized file reading for image sequences.
  • Improvement: SMPTE - Incremental frame count needed to qualify as running input reduced from 5 to 2.
  • Improvement: Assets - Option for stopping and restarting tasks.
  • Improvement: UI - Window handling optimised to avoid freezes.
  • Improvement: Preview Files - Video preview files can contain alpha channel.
    Must be enabled in settings. In this case ProRes Codec is used which will produce much larger files than default VP9!
  • Improvement: File Transfer - File system mechanism can be optionally used for file transfer.
    Enable in File Distribution Settings (Checkbox “Use Filesystem Transfer”)
  • Improvement: File listing processing optimized: Speeds up processing of new clients especially when many image sequences are used.
  • Improvement: The maximum processed packet size from RX has been increased from 20 MB to 100 MB.
  • Improvement: Performance of file listing processing improved.
  • Improvement: Ressources can now be renamed
  • Improvement: Sequence - Reveal resource in project tree added

  • SMPTE:
    • Improvement: Offset can be subtracted as well as added (commit includes more robust handling of negative received time due to offset)
    • Fix: Time updated immediately when mode changes
    • Fix: Receive timecode offset corrected (frames no longer interpreted as seconds).
    • Fix: Thread gating based on get instead of sleep as part of output debugging.
    • Fix: Output pitch correction no longer uses autopitch (syncing to goal time should no longer cause output dropouts).

  • Timeline:
    • Improvement: Free loop videos always loop at the end of the video (even if the end of the clip is to the right of the end of the video).
    • Improvement: Free run videos orient loop duration towards video duration by default (towards in- and outpoint if they are set).
    • Improvement: Add pause cue before clip via right click
    • Improvement: Events - Value change via inspector-label dragging more sensitive.
    • Improvement: Floater - Time and value can be changed via dragging.
    • Improvement: Sequence Floater - Corrected undo/redo for value/time drag
    • Improvement: Floater - Relative movement of multiple selected events (via time/value dragging)
    • Improvement: Scale Events - Dragging of value in inspector and floater more sensitive
    • Improvement: Floater - Drag limits for movement of multiple selected events (via time dragging)
    • Improvement: Clip/Event movement - From pixel to quantum oriented movement. Inter layer clip movement
    • Improvement: ScrollBars with buttons and fine mode
    • Improvement: Selected layer snaps to screen bounds in outer compositing
    • Improvement: Cue Inspector. Jump goal time label is time label, now
    • Improvement: Cut tool. Default is "deactivated". Line height corrected
    • Improvement: Added layer init with height of preceding layer
    • Improvement: Inter Layer Movement - Brushed visualization errors concerning layers with opened param nodes
    • Improvement: Showing timeline inspector when clicking on left label in timeline title bar
    • Improvement: Two-colored event diamonds and handle circles only in thumbnail area
    • Improvement: Main time label is draggable
    • Improvement: Doubleclick on nodes open/closes nodes
    • Fix: Free run initialization at startup corrected to account for late-arriving time distortion attributes.
    • Fix:Click to the left of free run clip that already had time applied taken out of reapplication redundancy check.
      Leads to clip starting from beginning in more situations where that is expected.
    • Fix: Merged clips. Events in the inactive area of clips (duration reduced) did serve as mirror events.
    • Fix: Now, creating events via shortcut "N" creates events correctly at nowpointer time.
    • Fix:Nowpointer manipulation via arrow keys. Switched "Alt" and "Shift" to unify "small-step movement" to "Alt".
      Furthermore, define moving steps by param quantum instead of pixels per value.
    • Fix: SeqEvent value manipulation via arrow keys.
    • Fix: API - Move to previous cue works when current time is already at a cue
    • Fix: SeqClip time manipulation via arrow keys.
    • Fix: Value editing of multiple operands with expressions fixed.
    • Fix: Render Order - Corrected bug that lead to layers with undefined render order
    • Fix: Floater. Repositioning of floater after time/value drag
    • Fix:Events were copied on Shift + Drag instead of being moved horizontally/vertically fixed.
    • Fix: Pixera crashed when zooming and scrolling timeline holding a very long clip
    • Fix: Playback speed limit set to 1000
    • Fix: Disabled label were still dragable
    • Fix: Inter layer movement. Visualization of clips/resources dragging below last layer was buggy.
    • Fix: Timeline structure. Layers/Params were opened/closed even when user clicked besides toggle symbol
    • Fix: Events. Now, opacity events can be selected in merged clips areas
    • Fix: Copy paste of clips was buggy when multiple clips/layers/sequences were involved
    • Fix: Right side of clip changed when dragging left clip border into timeline structure
    • Fix: Inspector-label "Inpoint" missed some updates
    • Fix: Inpoint as well as outpoint could be set to invalid values

  • Fix: Possible corruption of settings file fixed. Application more robust against incomplete settings file
  • Fix: Presence: Attempt at fixing failure of presence.exe to access network after autostart.
  • Fix: Live Input problems after loading new project fixed (#9055)
  • Fix: Selection of top most layer in compositing fixed
  • Fix: Installer: Missing pixera_settings file added to installer (again).
  • Fix: SMPTE controls visible again.
  • Fix: SMPTE - Engine informed of new timing when input restarts for timeline with no-input-behaviour set to 'continue'.
  • Fix: SMPTE - More complete mode change reset (e.g. to break state token redundancy checks when toggling between modes 'none' and 'receive').
  • Fix: Avio - formulas.lua added to enable smart connections.
  • Fix: Selected layers are deselected when timeline selection changes.
  • Fix: Layer selection fixed for layers with same z pos.
  • Fix 9171: Changed client name is applied after presence/engine restart.
  • Fix 9170: Changed output aggregation is applied after presence/engine restart.
  • Fix: API - Stop Command sets sequence time to 0.
  • Fix: Sequence - Deleting a clip while it is dragged and adding a new clip afterwards does not lead to a crash anymore.
  • Fix: Inspector - Crash fixed when colour picker menu was open and inspector loaded other content.
  • Fix: Resource Tree - Width of label increased.
  • Fix: SMPTE Out updated when Pixera starts, stops and when cues are applied.
  • Fix: Sequence - Paint bug fixed when dropping resource in scrolled timeline.
  • Fix: Sequence - Possible crash fixed when moving multiple clips in timeline.
  • Fix: Sequence - Drawing of clip background fixed.
  • Fix: Sequence - Audio clip cut fixed.
  • Fix: Only audio devices of local service are listed in settings.
    Previously selection of local audio device could lead to unwanted selection of audio device of clients.
  • Fix: Crash fixed when opening project on different machine than it was created.
  • Fix: Possible freeze fixed if media files used in timeline are not available.
  • Fix: Thumbnail path for media files on network drive fixed.
  • Fix: Sequence/Engine - Per-layer preload time settable in inspector.
  • Fix: Sequence - Dropping resource on existing clip with large clip heights fixed.
  • Fix: Possible problems with file transfer when multiple drives have the same name fixed.
  • Fix: RX Engine - Bug causing video abort looping fixed

Pixera 1.0.15:
Download | 24.06.2019
  • Improvement: No need to choose the path for a Vioso Calibration during editing of an existing one
  • Improvement: New API functions added. Timelines: "ignoreNextCue", Cues: "getTime", "setTime".
  • Improvement: Projector database: Old projectors added to database
  • Fix: Vioso (editing of existing calibrations, various bug fixes)
  • Fix: Recognition of image sequences failed in some cases
  • Fix: Local engine no longer closed if it's not in list of explicit IP filters
  • Fix: Missing API json file added to installer
  • Fix: Possible crash during marker calibration
  • Fix: Unclipboardable selected content no longer corrupts clipboard
  • Fix: Tasks with invalid service id are now closed after error message
  • Fix: Perspectives in screen group are updated when screens is removed from group
  • Fix: Non modal dialogs which are still shown on app stopping are closed correctly
  • Fix: Possible crash in sequence with adjoining clips fixed

Pixera 1.0.7:
Download | 15.05.2019
  • Feature: „Take over Service“ backup functionality has been implemented
  • Feature: Pixera now supports SDI output for Pixera Servers equipped with the according 4/8 I/O 3G SDI cards 
  • Improvement: Sequence Button Bar received more functionality: 
    • Toggle next cue state (ignore next cue)  
    • Joint kind
    • Toggle cut tool
    • Lock movement horizontal/vertikal 
  • Improvement: SDI video outputs react to F5 and shift+esc 
  • Improvement: Marker Calibration with numeric labels 
  • Fix: Fix of a memory leak that was caused by importing 3D gltf objects
  • Fix: Softedge now works with imported 3D objects and 90 degree rotated projectors
  • Fix: Colour standard settings saved for live inputs
  • Fix: Live Input „Active Status“ is stored in the project
  • Fix: Multiple overlapping clips had unwanted behaviour if events (keys) have only been inserted into the first clip 
  • Fix: Custom LED objects now show the correct behaviour
  • Fix: Import of embedded textures from FBX files

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