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Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:26 am

I really want to be able to control where files are stored and pulled from.  This is very useful for moving projects, having multiple people work on projects and such.  Right now I am storing and using my files in a file structure like this c:/pixera/"showname"/Showfiles/"show revision"  I seem to be able to get all my files and my cache to play in here as well c:/pixera/"showname"/RX-Cache-Preview.  However I am getting major file bloat because I still have RX-Cache in the main root at c:/RX-Cache.   How can I get the director machine to not double copy all of my files to here. On large shows this will become a problem. 
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Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:24 pm

Well, your current workflow is correct!
It can be the case that the options in file transfer are not set right. With deactivated Master Caching you shouldn't get these RX-Cache folder and then it should work well.

By the way, in the current beta version you can also try out a feature called "Bundle project".
This will bundle all your content and project to a specified folder.

Mostly it depends where you have all your files stored which you want to play out.
Example: Master and Client (Content on Master):
Then you have to activate Client Caching on the master (--> Client can transfer the content)
Master Caching deactivated (because content is actually on the master)

Example: Master and Client (Content on an external drive):
Activate Client Caching and Master Caching (content will be transferred to both).
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