General Changelog 1.6

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Dear Pixera users,

Please reinstall the c++ redistributables when asked to. The needed libraries have changed as of  Beta 1.5.98.

The dongle driver has been updated as well. So if you experience any dongle driver issues please reinstall when asked for during the Pixera installation.
this changelog contains enhancements, bug fixes, and some new features.
Please note that this list is not a complete list of all fixes.
The majority of customer-reported issues, reproducible system errors, and numeric issues have been corrected.

 Pixera 1.6.56:
Download | 07.10.2021

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Engine: Possible problems avoiding engine startup fixed.
  • Fix: GUI: Possible crash after running Pixera a long time in Settings or Control tab fixed.
  • Fix: Settings: Automatic activation of full screen on startup fixed.

 Pixera 1.6.53:
Download | 27.07.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Effects: Path to default FXs in project is updated when loading project in new version.
  • Fix: Mapping: Fixed texture positioning for bypass warping depending on screen target mode and feed mode.
  • Fix: Engine: Possible crash with NotchLC/HAP and multi-gpu fixed.
  • Fix: API: CueApplied monitoring event only generated after new transport state is available for queries.
  • Fix: Timeline: Text Resource as Dominant Value. Text was not shown when layer had no clips but dominant resource media. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: GUI: Freeze fixed when dropping folder on descendant in tree.

  • Brush: Devices: Screen and LED databases updated.
  • Brush: Engine: More GPU sync options settable.

 Pixera 1.6.50:
Download | 08.07.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Engine: SDI Output fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Wrong colors for NDI with alpha fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Dominant transport param. Start of old video was visible when changing dominant video resources. Fixed.
  • Fix: Audio: Playback of 7.1 audio files fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Preceding video clips visible when pure audio clips follow. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Possible crash fixed when unloading active audio streams.
  • Fix: Timeline: Pure audio clips did not play after preceding video clip with embedded audio.
  • Fix: Timeline: Audio still playing when changing clip resource to no-audio file. Fixed.
  • Fix: Resources: Possible crash fixed if pixel format of added resource is not recognized properly.
  • Fix: Services: Additionally created outputs are destroyed on project change.
  • Fix: Resources: Removing only unused text and mesh resources upon clicking "Remove unused"
  • Fix: Timeline: Insert Time. Undo/redo fixed.

  • Brush: Workspace: Global shortcut "F4" to toggle selection mode.
  • Brush: Settings: Save also settings when project was saved by user.
  • Brush: Engine: Do not show live inputs if inactive.
  • Brush: Timeline: Selection. Select all cues and clips via Timeline Popup Menu.
  • Brush: API: Timeline SMPTE mode get/set.

 Pixera 1.6.44:
Download | 31.05.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Mapping: Projector to screen mapping: Feed rect positioning for two projectors above each other fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Performance issues fixed when multiple audio tracks are used.
  • Fix: Modifier: Additional vertex modifiers can be removed.
  • Fix: Resources: Text resource: Editor uses selected font to display special characters.
  • Fix: Screens: External screens objects can be added by dropping a folder.
  • Fix: Screens: Crash when deleting screens fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Live input initialization more robust.
  • Fix: Resource: Preview conversion for standard content fixed.
  • Fix: API: Pixera.Timelines.Clip.createEvent() can create Opacity events.
  • Fix: API: Monitoring events only sent to Json Rpc and Control connections (avoids events being treated as malformed http responses).
  • Fix: Timeline: Cues encountered during SMPTE input no longer lead to inconsistent states between GUI and engine. Drift correction can be disabled.

  • Brush: Resources: Text resource: Default font changed.

 Pixera 1.6.39:
Download | 12.05.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: GUI: Inspector multi selection fixes.
  • Fix: Vioso: Path to data directory corrected (File dialog did not show up).
  • Fix: Mapping: Marker calibration: Marker position corrected for aggregate outputs.
  • Fix: Timeline: Cues: Possible crash fixed when Shift+Drag is used on cue to create copy.
  • Fix: Timeline: Jump Cues with Blend Duration. Removed unwanted black frame at blend start.
  • Fix: Mapping: Rounding error with pixel pos and dims fixed.
  • Fix: Modifier: Control point scaling fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Fixed appearing of video inputs which were active before the outputs were opened.

  • Brush: Audio: Add AudioPort if max channel count in settings is larger than AudioPort count in project.
  • Brush: API: Change video stream active state from api.
  • Brush: Timeline: Fade to Time: New mode "Dip to Black".

 Pixera 1.6.35:
Download | 22.04.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Timeline: Live Input Freeze Fx fixed.
  • Fix: Resources: Path handling for network drives adressed by IP corrected.
  • Fix: Resources: Preview conversion of images fixed if preview config changed by user.
  • Fix: Timeline: Live Input Freeze Fx fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Fx MaskRGB. Incorrect masking for directly attached clips. Fixed.

  • Brush: Settings: Engine settings editable.
  • Brush: Notch: Preload notch blocks on media layer permanently.
  • Brush: Engine: Cef version changed to 89.0.4389.72
  • Brush: API: Layer Home Screen can be set from API.

  • Feature:Resources: Web browser resource added.

 Pixera 1.6.30:
Download | 11.03.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Mapping: Possible crash fixed when source feed rect selection changes.
  • Fix: API: Opacity now accessible via Compound.set/getValue().
  • Fix: Live Input: NDI live input is reconnected correctly when stream disappears and appears again.
  • Fix: DMX: Layer footprint corrected.

  • Brush: Resources: Mipmap generation can be enabled for resources.

 Pixera 1.6.28:
Download | 11.02.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Art-Net: Art-Net output using unicast restored correctly after project load.
  • Fix: Art-Net: Possible rounding error in mapping fixed.
  • Fix: GUI: Projectors: Shaded frustum render order fixed. Shaded feed rect only for active mappings.
  • Fix: Transcoding: Wrong fps for image sequence transcoding fixed.
  • Fix: Mapping: Possible crash fixed when assigning an output to an active screens.
  • Fix: Services: Wrong (de)activation of NDI output streams fixed.

  • Brush: Resources: Replace multiple resources dialog brushed.
  • Brush: GUI: Projectors: Shaded frustum can be turned off.

 Pixera 1.6.24:
Download | 29.01.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Engine: Webview loading fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Free run loop error fixed.
  • Fix:Timeline: Playback buttons show timeline state in timelines tab.
  • Fix: Workspace: Preview of fade to time fixed.
  • Fix: Content Transcoding: UI layout fixes.

  • Brush: Resources: Replace multiple resources by searching the filesystem.

 Pixera 1.6.23:
Download | 25.01.2021
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Engine: Projector lens distortion correction fixed.
  • Fix: GUI: Hang avoided when mouse moves slightly above a thin clip.
  • Fix: DMX: Resource assignment after project load fixed.
  • Fix: API: Perspective transformation via Direct API handles layer origin 'absolute' correctly.
  • Fix: Resources: Duplication of ingestion folders avoided.
  • Fix: Timeline: Play cues wrongly applied blends. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Mapping: Feed rect marquee selection fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Audio device enumeration fixed.

  • Brush: GUI: Projectors with colored frustum/feed rect.
  • Brush: Mapping: Footprint of selected warpmesh will be displayed in AutoTransformation window.
  • Brush: Mapping: Ideal feed rect default changed.

 Pixera 1.6.21:
Download | 14.12.2020
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Content transcoding fixed for projects created in Demo or Player version.
  • Fix: Not taking into account blendToCue param while patching.
  • Fix: Fixed not updating mute buttons properly and updated timeline footprint.
  • Fix: Timeline: Effects were sometimes applied in incorrect order. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: FX: Wrong premultiplied alpha handling fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: When starting playback in front of a clip dominant fx video params sometimes did not play. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: API: Fixed methods placed in wrong namespace
  • Fix: Resources: DMX Id for color resources settable.
  • Fix: Engine: Transcoding of some videos failed. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Resources: DMX Id for live input folder settable.

  • Brush: API: Several new API functions added.

 Pixera 1.6.17:
Download | 28.11.2020
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Engine: Wrong GPU usage on multi GPU systems fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Preview file generation fixed.
  • Fix: Mapping: Softedge background image is added to selected mapping. Mapping selection does not change for different mappimg modes.

 Pixera 1.6.14:
Download | 23.11.2020

  • Brush: API: Option to include all live systems in heartbeat.
  • Brush: API: Live system (i.e. client) shutdown.
  • Brush: Timeline: Playback of videos with embedded audio.
  • Brush: Timeline: NDI Audio input usable.
  • Brush: DMX: Blend to cue usable with DMX input.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Timeline: Default alpha blend operation set to max to avoid problems with alpha > 1 and advanved blend ops like multiply.
  • Fix: Workspace: Wrong direct manipulation of layers in compositing preview fixed if layer origin is set to 'Absolute'.
  • Fix: Timeline: Input of invalid strings (e.g. ",,,") in number labels led to crash. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Resources: If 'Remove Unused Resources' applied to single resource command is not applied to parent folder anymore. FXs are not removed at all anymore.
  • Fix: Resources: Replacing image file does not change it to an image sequence if numbered files are found.
  • Fix: Mapping: Feed rectangle reset corrected.
  • Fix: Workspace: Only buttons of button bar intercept mouse events (not the bar itself).
  • Fix: Live Inputs: Initialized correctly in preview and output engines after Pixera startup.
  • Fix: Live Inputs: Correct thumbnail loading after Pixera startup.
  • Fix: GUI: Long shutdown times fixed.
  • Fix: Live Inputs: Live Inputs. Audio plays directly after first positioning of nowpointer over clip.
  • Fix: Timeline: Clip in-point is not changed while drag is still snapped.

 Pixera 1.6.11:
Download | 22.10.2020

  • Brush: API: JSON UDP sink added.
  • Brush: Project: Compatibility of projects created in Pixera version 1.4 improved.
  • Brush: Project: Backup copy of project file is created if project was last saved in different Pixera version.
  • Brush: Timeline: Layer unit scale values for "fit", "fill" and "stretch" are based on size of perspective.
  • Brush: Timeline: Changing layer origin to "Absolute" and adapting layer offset is offered to user when editing perspective for the first time and if layers using this perspective as origin exist.
  • Brush: Workspace: Grid can be enabled in inner compositing.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Engine: Engine freeze after fast changing seeks fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: HAP playback fixed for resolution sizes which are a multiple of 4 but not 8.
  • Fix: Engine: Notch blocks working again. Path to dll fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Outpoint Frame. Wrong frame was shown for clips with outpoint > 0 and speed != 1. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Notch: Initial values of params were not loaded completely. Bug fixed.
  • Fix:Resources: Fixed import of images from folders.
  • Fix: GUI: Possible freeze on application shutdown fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Notch: Problems after reloading notch block fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Redundant layer unit scale factor fixed.
  • Fix: Perspectives: Perspective positioning for screen used as floor projection corrected.
  • Fix: Engine: Layer blend modes fixed.

Pixera 1.6.4:
Download | 12.10.2020

  • Brush: Mapping: Feed rect layouts from LEDs and displays stored for disconnected outputs. Can be loaded for different outputs.
  • Brush: Resources: Live Inputs can be combined to groups to reuse them across multiple clients.
  • Brush: Engine: Added option to layer whether engine uses original texture or main media as texture for mesh object.
  • Brush: Docs: Shortcuts updated.
  • Brush: API: String/udp options for all conveyors, Session.shutdownSystem().
  • Brush: API: More output conveyors.Brush: Mapping: Improved compatibility of warpings between version 1.4 and 1.6.
  • Brush: Perspectives: Preserve z rotation of screen group's reference screen when calculating perspective orientations.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Timeline: Wrong resource name in clip thumbnail corrected.
  • Fix: Timeline: Jump cues. No more flashes when jumping within a clip to a goal cue..
  • Fix: Timeline: Free play once clips. Sometimes medium starts at wrong frame when entering clip. Bug fixed
  • Fix: Workspace: Text selection in workspace for different text layouts corrected.
  • Fix: Mapping: Projector frustum rotation in warp preview fixed for screens rotated 90 degrees around Y-Axis.
  • Fix: Perspectives: Perspective rotation fixed for screens with normals pointing along Y-axis.
  • Fix: Timeline: Destination time of externally triggered (via API, Shortcuts, Next Cue-Button, ...) jump cue was incorrect. Bug fixed.

Pixera 1.6.0:
Download | 30.09.2020

  • Brush: Timeline: Timelines are applied after project load.
  • Brush: Resources: Import of individual resources and unordered image sequences from folder
  • Brush: Services: Fallback for finding local service memento corrected.
  • Brush: Engine: Audio device reset when settings change.
  • Brush: Engine: Audio channel order fixed.
  • Brush:Softedge: Softedges with bezier curves.
  • Brush: Notch: Blocks with an Exposed Cameras are loaded correctly after project load.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cue Inspector. Time label did not update when entering a time where a cue already exists. Bug fixed.
  • Brush: API: Direct API: Camera properties set in Notch Exposable Camera.
  • Brush: GUI: GUI layout was shifted and buggy (i.e. missing buttons) after project load. Bug fixed.
  • Brush: API: Resource can be assigned even for clips that are completely overlapped by other clips.
  • Brush: Workspace: Preview navigation fixed for cameras looking along y-axis.
  • Brush: Workspace: Pass partout update and display more robust if only frustum offset changes.
  • Brush: Notch: Blocks with an Exposed Cameras are loaded correctly after entering a clip from no-clip time.
  • Brush:Perspectives: Screen group reference screens positioned based on their "physical" origin.
  • Brush: Avio2: Pixera2Avio (glue) updated.
  • Brush: Engine: PortAudio updated.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Mapping: Output tree in modal dialog does not change selection.
  • Fix: Mapping: Auto transform editor: Overlap value with decimal places in dialog.
  • Fix: Services: No utility service will be created if there is already an existing one.
  • Fix: Timeline: Moving clips with different resolutions completely into one another led to invalid clips.
  • Fix: FX: Path for effects includes RX storage qualifier.
  • Fix: API: sACN port corrected.
  • Fix: Timeline: Muting a layer does not cancel position domination values.
  • Fix: Mapping: Screen feeds are not rendered if alignment is disabled.
  • Fix: Projectors: Set look at distance to distance to first mapped screen.
  • Fix: API: Added Pixera.Resources.Resource.getInstancePathFromHandle().
  • Fix: DMX: Option for patching opacity as dimmer-like attributes in MA3/2.
  • Fix: Softedge: Multiple small brushes of selection and rendering.
  • Fix: Mapping: Mpcdi parser error on import fixed.
  • Fix: Warping: Prewarping feed rects in output is ignored for curved screens.
  • Fix: Warping: Stacked modifier for curved screens fixed.
  • Fix: Mapping: Feed rects are rendered again.
  • Fix: Preview Files: Preventing multiples of the same task to be added to queue.
  • Fix: GUI: Do not reload mapping on service performance updates.
  • Fix: GUI: Active screens: Display mappings and abstract warp meshes in tree.
  • Fix: Multiple fixes of sizing and positioning especially with screen aspect ratios < 1.
  • Fix: Database: LED database updated.
  • Fix: Timeline: Free loop clip start time fixed for clips with speed != 1.0.
  • Fix: Mapping: Existing engine mapping cleared before new output is assigned.
  • Fix: Timeline: Audio waveform is drawn with correct height when clip paramater structure is opened.
  • Fix: Timeline: Jump Cues. Sequence did not update clips correctly after passing jump cue to future time. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Softedge: Selection fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Jump Cues. Cues within a few frames after a jump were ignored sometimes. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Engine : Audio engine fixes.
  • Fix: Timeline: Fixed possible crash when moving nowpointer via key shortcuts.

Pixera Beta 1.6.rc4:
Download | 10.09.2020

  • Brush: Services: Memento for local service is stored with special ID to allow changes of local IP address.
  • Brush: Compositing: Perspective selection in inner compositing with label.
  • Brush: Settings: Initial Values for Layers. Added "Compositing Space Strategy", "Origin Strategy", and "Scale Unit Mode".
  • Brush: Mapping: Editing lens properties on multiple projectors at once.
  • Brush: Compositing: Layer unit sizing modes fit, fill and stretch take perspective size changed by screen group reference resolution into account.
  • Brush: Notch: Exposable Null. Rotation params are represented in degrees.
  • Brush: Timeline: Unique cue numbers can be enforced.
  • Brush: Services: Moved initialization of graphics devices above of video streams.
  • Brush: GUI: Keyboard focus on button when dialogs appear.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: DMX: Timeline controls did not update index and universe when patched.
  • Fix: Timeline: Wait duration was not executed after jump to cue. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Settings: New preview-cache location will always be set.
  • Fix: Mapping: Feed rect visualization corrected for screens with aspect ratio < 1.0.
  • Fix: FX: Cropping fx in soft area fixed when layer opacity is < 1.
  • Fix: Resources: Image file name with very long number at the end processed correctly.
  • Fix: Resources: Live input resource does not change activeness on clip update
  • Fix: DMX: Wrong footprint used for cue numbers corrected.
  • Fix: Resources: Filenames with one letter followed by numbers, can be processed.
  • Fix: Engine: Text rendering with premultiplied alpha.
  • Fix: Engine: Possible deadlock fixed on reinitialise of NDI device.
  • Fix: Engine: Time base rounding error corrected.
  • Fix: Avio2: Pixera2avio launched again at project start.
  • Fix: Avio2: Pixera2avio crash on refresh fixed.
  • Fix: Services: Wrong output assignment of remote services fixed.
  • Fix: Resources: No single image resource creation if imported image sequence has missing files.
  • Fix: Engine : Possible deadlock in video threads fixed.
  • Fix: Resources: Standard content and Effects missing in new projects fixed.
  • Fix: Notch: Initial values of multi dimensional Notch properties (e.g. Exposable Null) were imported incorrectly. Bug fixed.

Pixera Beta 1.6.rc1:
Download | 01.09.2020
  • Brush: Alignment: Alignment tools maximize overlap more visible. The calculated overlap is default and always set.
  • Brush: API: 3D points for marker calibration settable from API.
  • Brush: Api: Access to handles from instance paths testable (only timelines and params supported as yet).
  • Brush: API: Added monitoring for resource distribution.
  • Brush: API: Added more timeline related functions to compound API.
  • Brush: API: Added more timeline related functions to compound API.
  • Brush: API: Added more timeline related functions to compound API.
  • Brush: API: Added several timeline related functions to compound API.
  • Brush: Api: API revision moved up by one to avoid overlap with 1.4.
  • Brush: API: Automatically generating broadcast ip address for Art-Net out.
  • Brush: API: Content ingestion in compound namespace.
  • Brush: API: Content ingestion via API.
  • Brush: Api: Content sampling frustum base setting accessible via API.
  • Brush: Api: Cue: blendToThis function for blending to a cue with given blend-duration.
  • Brush: API: Default IP made explicit in API config drop downs.
  • Brush: Api: Direct Api introduced to reduce latency for screen transformation updates from external sources.
  • Brush: Api: Direct Api: Parameter value support.
  • Brush: API: Documentation updated.
  • Brush: Api: Enable logging of message times.
  • Brush: API: getClipAtIndex(), Clip.setDuration(), Timeline.setOpacity().
  • Brush: Api: Json: Screen::registerScreen more robust against missing json parameters.
  • Brush: API: Layer transport attributes.
  • Brush: Api: More camera functions.
  • Brush: API: More functionality for Timeline and Text Resources added.
  • Brush: Api: Moved project and app related methods to "Session" namespace.
  • Brush: API: Mpcdi warp files loadable via API.
  • Brush: API: Muting of layers, removing of layers, clips and cues.
  • Brush: API: Network adapters can be reconfigured without an application restart.
  • Brush: API: Output adapter IP settable.
  • Brush: API: Perspective transformation settable form Direct API (Notch, Unity or Unreal integration missing).
  • Brush: API: Projector calibration: Marker positions settable from API.
  • Brush: API: Remove timelines and resources.
  • Brush: API: Resource assignment and layer transport functions added to compound api.
  • Brush: Api: Resources.Resource.setText() available.
  • Brush: API: Screens::Screen::TriggerRefreshMapping added.
  • Brush: Assets: Button for canceling all conversion tasks.
  • Brush: Assets: Button for canceling all transfer tasks.
  • Brush: Assets: Preview files will be generated using the local utility service.
  • Brush: Audio: Audio level meter in settings with RMS and peak values.
  • Brush: Audio: Samplerate can be set.
  • Brush: Avio2: Glue CustomScript with timeline functions updated
  • Brush: Calibration: If algorithm produces unusable results image points are shifted randomly with minimal values to get better results.
  • Brush: Calibration: Multiple marker sets usable with projector calibration.
  • Brush: Calibration: Option added to apply marker calibration results only if parameters are in range of database values.
  • Brush: Compositing: Direct manipulation of perspective size.
  • Brush: Compositing: Layer selection can be changed after selected layer was edited but not stored to timeline yet.
  • Brush: Compositing: Maintain Closest Corner option for perspective positioning.
  • Brush: Compositing: Only perspectives of current ScreenGroup visible in inner compositing.
  • Brush: Compositing: Perspectives Follow Screen Positions check box (active by default) that controls whether moving screens influences the perspectives.
  • Brush: Compositing: Perspectives UX brushed.
  • Brush: Compositing: Render inner compositing with full ui resolution and not screen preview resolution.
  • Brush: Database: LED and Projector database updated.
  • Brush: Database: LED database updated.
  • Brush: Database: Projector and lens database updated.
  • Brush: DMX: Assigned resource to layer can be reset via DMX.
  • Brush: DMX: Assigned resource to layer with file and folder id.
  • Brush: DMX: Brushed value range of default layer-parameters. Brushed patching dialog.
  • Brush: DMX: Dmx values and mapped values are displayed side by side for a better overview.
  • Brush: DMX: Export patch as xml and html
  • Brush: DMX: Gdtf export for patched timeline.
  • Brush: DMX: Muting dmx input of layer params.
  • Brush: DMX: Sequence opacity.
  • Brush: Dynamic Screens: Offset and inverted rotation settable in config file.
  • Brush: Engine: Gpu selection strategy settable.
  • Brush: Engine: Advanced layer blend modes based on multiplication implemented.
  • Brush: Engine: Art-Net output to unicast address.
  • Brush: Engine: Full screen window of local engine forwards Shift+Esc to Pixera.
  • Brush: Engine: HDR mode and synchronization of output can be set.
  • Brush: Engine: Intermediate colour space settable (sRGB or linear).
  • Brush: Engine: Join swap group settable in UI.
  • Brush: Engine: Load pfm files for lens correction.
  • Brush: Engine: Notch blocks containing multiple parameters with the same name usable.
  • Brush: Engine: Notch: Default resolution changed.
  • Brush: Engine: NotchLC: Frame upload optimized.
  • Brush: Engine: Vioso: Warps additionally identified with desktop position.
  • Brush: FX: Missing mix parameters added.
  • Brush: GUI: Brushed controls for blend modes.
  • Brush: GUI: Drag and drop behaviour in tree is no longer dependent on the openess state of a node.
  • Brush: GUI: Files can no longer be dragged onto resources.
  • Brush: GUI: Horizontal autoscrolling in resource tree is now disabled.
  • Brush: GUI: More precision for labels regarding screen and projector transformation (three decimals displayed).
  • Brush: GUI: Wording updated for screen target modes.
  • Brush: GUI: Wording updated.
  • Brush: Help: Button for revealing the current api-documentation
  • Brush: Help: Shortcuts updated.
  • Brush: Installer: Dongle driver update.
  • Brush: Installer: Installer with rxInterop header and samples.
  • Brush: Library: Mapping as children of projector in app mode mapping.
  • Brush: License: Demo version with watermarked video export.
  • Brush: Live Inputs: Texture placeholder for missing Live Input in Preview.
  • Brush: Mapping: Abstract warp meshes are not pre warped per default.
  • Brush: Mapping: All markers can be cleared.
  • Brush: Mapping: Auto transform editor for feed sources.
  • Brush: Mapping: Collapsible MappingSubInspector.
  • Brush: Mapping: Continuous mapping updates can be disabled for dyamic screen updates.
  • Brush: Mapping: Feed area overlap can be set in two dimensions in pixels.
  • Brush: Mapping: Feed area overlap of screen can be set from projector inspector too.
  • Brush: Mapping: Marker activeness can be toggle with shortcut 'C'.
  • Brush: Mapping: Marker Calibration: More algorithms selectable.
  • Brush: Mapping: Modifiers can be removed.
  • Brush: Mapping: Mpcdi with profile 3D or SL sets projectors transformation.
  • Brush: Mapping: Optimize feed area disabled per default.
  • Brush: Mapping: Output orientation for ideal feed rects added.
  • Brush: Mapping: Projector ideal feed rects in inspector brushed. More oprtions to pre warp ideal feed rect.
  • Brush: Mapping: Screen Target texture size can be limited to output resolution.
  • Brush: Mapping: Updates towards RX reduced when automatic mapping updates are disabled for screen.
  • Brush: Modifier: FFD and Vertex Modifier activeness can be changed in inspector.
  • Brush: Modifier: FFD Modifier: Control point can be changed without losing applied changes.
  • Brush: Modifier: Modifier stacking for warp meshes.
  • Brush: Modifier: Vertex Modifier in Mapping Inspector loaded. Vertex Modifier with reset buttons in inspector.
  • Brush: Notch: Exposed notch camera coupled to pixera home screen perspective.
  • Brush: Notch: Blocks in preview with reduced resolution.
  • Brush: Notch: Time of notch effect synced to timeline time.
  • Brush: Presence: Used network adapter selectable.
  • Brush: Preview: Preview rendering can be disabled per screen.
  • Brush: Project: If project file is not found an empty new default project is created.
  • Brush: Projectors: Lens distortion correction with barrel/pincushion distortion.
  • Brush: Projectors: Lens distortion correction with radial and tangential distortion coefficients.
  • Brush: Protocols: Added more functionality to timeline- and layertransport via DMX/Art-Net.
  • Brush: Protocols: Brushed presentation of DMX patching.
  • Brush: Protocols: sACN input testable.
  • Brush: Resources: "Extract Audio" in context menu and resource inspector.
  • Brush: Resources: A path to a folder containing custom fonts can be set. Button for loading new font file added.
  • Brush: Resources: Audio extraction
  • Brush: Resources: Cancel button for image sequence import dialog.
  • Brush: Resources: Folders can be sorted alphabetically.
  • Brush: Resources: Font file of text resource is distributed to clients.
  • Brush: Resources: Preview file generation for videos encoded with NotchLC.
  • Brush: Resources: Refresh resources can be triggered on: folder level, by API, on project load.
  • Brush: Resources: Reveal file in explorer added to context menu.
  • Brush: Resources: Support for ts video files.
  • Brush: Resources: Support for wma files added.
  • Brush: Resources: Thumbnail creation for NotchLC encoded videos.
  • Brush: Screen: Additional pre rotation can be applied to screens while preserving spatial relationship to projectors.
  • Brush: Screen: Additional screen transformation disabled in UI.
  • Brush: Screens: Basic obj screen mesh exporter added.
  • Brush: Screens: Button for adjusting the size of screens, when applying a new aspect ratio through resolution change.
  • Brush: Screens: Curved LED screens.
  • Brush: Screens: Dialog added for more user input.
  • Brush: Screens: More generic displays sizes.
  • Brush: Screens: Negative radius for curved led array.
  • Brush: Selection: Re-selection of entities in workspace loads object in inspector.
  • Brush: Services: Client Management: Selection and filtering improved.
  • Brush: Services: New client management enabled.
  • Brush: Settings: Changed default of "Ensure Continuous Live Input", default is "off".
  • Brush: Settings: Help related controls moved to separate settings section.
  • Brush: Settings: Initial Values. Timeline fps and duration.
  • Brush: Settings: Task tables will use the full available height of the inspector.
  • Brush: Softedge: 3rd parameter added to dynamic softedge. Labels in inspector changed.
  • Brush: Softedge: Dynamic softedge parameters can be changed in gui.
  • Brush: Softedge: Softedge appearance in inspector brushed.
  • Brush: Timeline: Add Notch Fx. No "Choose Layer" dialog when only 1 layer is exposed in block. Notch Fx is added directly.
  • Brush: Timeline: Add Pause Cue Before Clip via right click popup menu now adds cues for all selected clips.
  • Brush: Timeline: Add/Remove fx is undoable now.
  • Brush: Timeline: Audio thumbnails shown in clips can be disabled in settings general.
  • Brush: Timeline: Blend to this Cue. Activity state of cue ignored when blending to it.
  • Brush: Timeline: Blend to time. Mouse click on popup, without editing time, executes blend.
  • Brush: Timeline: Brushed ui for blend modes.
  • Brush: Timeline: Clip Editing. Set "Inpoint to Current Frame" via clip context menu.
  • Brush: Timeline: Close Timeline Gap via right click on clip and cue.
  • Brush: Timeline: Copy multiple cues. Conserve inner cue logic.
  • Brush: Timeline: Create clip fade in/out via shortcuts 'I'/'O'.
  • Brush: Timeline: Create events with current value via Grey-Diamond-Button.
  • Brush: Timeline: Create new cue via Shortcut "N". New cue operation equal to operation of selected one.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cue Blend Duration. Do not show blend duration label for play cues.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cues. Added cue-creation buttons to button bar.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cues. Changed tooltip text.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cues. Cues cannot be created at the same time.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cues. Cues cannot be positioned at the same time.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cues. Cues with finite wait duration are marked by a new icon.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cues. Jump to label. Choose goal cue via dropdown box.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cues. Jump to label. Goal cue dropdown box auto completes text input.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cut tool. Snaps to frames.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cut tool. Snaps to nowpointer.
  • Brush: Timeline: Cut tool. Tolerance mouse movement on armed cursor top without resetting.
  • Brush: Timeline: Dominant value input for position and scale parameters linkable.
  • Brush: Timeline: Drag&Drop multiple layers to change render order.
  • Brush: Timeline: Events for sub resources can be created.
  • Brush: Timeline: Fx with sampler. Mask FX added.
  • Brush: Timeline: Initial values. Fade in/out option. To be automatically generated for all new clips.
  • Brush: Timeline: Jump cue. Jump to preceder/follower.
  • Brush: Timeline: Jump to preceding/cue. Jump back and forward more convenient.
  • Brush: Timeline: Layer blend mode more complete
  • Brush: Timeline: Layer blend modes testable but presets still missing.
  • Brush: Timeline: Layer Creation. Doubleclick on layer structure exclusively creates new layer when clicking below all existing layers.
  • Brush: Timeline: Layer with blend mode presets.
  • Brush: Timeline: Live input freeze fx added.
  • Brush: Timeline: Notch. Mouse load cursor when creating param structure of block.
  • Brush: Timeline: Notch. Params are ordered alphabetically.
  • Brush: Timeline: Param mute.
  • Brush: Timeline: Param mute. Block engine updates when param is muted.
  • Brush: Timeline: Param mute. Fx params.
  • Brush: Timeline: Rename cue. Conserve inner cue logic.
  • Brush: Timeline: Scroll horizontally via shortcut to end/begin of timeline.
  • Brush: Timeline: Snapping. Relative mouse position in dragged clip determines whether the left or right border of the clip is snapping.
  • Brush: Timeline: Stopped timelines unloads all resources.
  • Brush: Timeline: Suppress unnecessary sampler switches in engine.
  • Brush: Timeline: Text as clip related property.
  • Brush: Timeline: Timeline opacity. Button/Slider in Timeline Bar. Slider in Timeline Library Node.
  • Brush: Timeline: Undo/Redo drag & drop resource/resource folder on structure.
  • Brush: Transcoding: Chunks for hap encoders can be set.
  • Brush: Version: All versions allow unlimited count of control layer (pdtf) but demo version does not send data to api out.
  • Brush: Warping: Dynamic softedge can be enabled in UI.
  • Brush: Warping: Marker Calibration: Active Markers can be reduced to minimize reprojection error.
  • Brush: Warping: Marker Calibration: Reprojection errors calculated for vertices.
  • Brush: Workspace: "Dive in compositing" button moved to upper left corner and combobox added to show which screen is used.
  • Brush: Workspace: Lock transformation for screens and projectors.
  • Brush: Workspace: Projector label shows resolution and assigned output. Screen label shows resolution.
  • Brush: Workspace: Screen visibility test with small tolerance to avoid false positives due to rounding errors.
  • Brush: Workspace: Top tab buttons do not reset app demi modes (e.g. inner compositing).
  • Brush: DMX: Option for exporting GDTF files inside generated folder structure for MA3.

New Features:
  • Feature: Avio: New Avio integration enabled.
  • Feature: Engine: HapQ with Alpha is now supported.
  • Feature: Engine: NDI Input with Alpha is now supported.
  • Feature: Engine: Spout in- and output.
  • Feature: Game Engines: Multiple cameras: FXs can be used on multiple layers.
  • Feature: Game Engines: Unity scenes can be loaded.
  • Feature: Game Engines: Unreal "pux"-files can be added as effect to a layer.
  • Feature: License: Image sequence settings added to licensing.
  • Feature: License: Multi-license management from Pixera inspector and Presence UI.
  • Feature: License: Multiple Art-Net output streams are counted as single output in terms of licensing.
  • Feature: Resources: Color resource added.
  • Feature: Screens: Optimize mesh with multiple perspectives.
  • Feature: Text Resource: Text is now selectable in compositing. Text alignment settable in the inspector. Text can be loaded from file.
  • Feature: Timeline: Timeline opacity.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: API: Api revision corrected.
  • Fix: API: Crash avoided on change of Api network settings at runtime.
  • Fix: Api: Direct API: Rotation is sent to gui.
  • Fix: API: Fixed clip duration not set to resource duration, when a resource is set by the api.
  • Fix: API: Layer transport mode access fixed.
  • Fix: API: Parameters can be found by name after renaming timeline or layer.
  • Fix: API: Perspectives: Separate home screen transformation for each layer mapping.
  • Fix: API: Small lifecycle fixes.
  • Fix: Assets: Fixed closing Task to early, preventing to set the state correctly.
  • Fix: Assets: Fixed creating multiple preview assets and not being able to start canceled tasks again.
  • Fix: Assets: Fixed launching file transfer when file conversion was needed instead.
  • Fix: Assets: Fixed lifecycle issue of host asset for text resources.
  • Fix: Assets: Fixed not resetting error flag when restarting a task.
  • Fix: Audio: Changed sample rate is stored and applied after restart.
  • Fix: Avio: Cef rendering and mouse events use diplay scaling.
  • Fix: Avio: VC++ 2019 redistributables not needed anymore.
  • Fix: Calibration: Calculation of FOV and Lens Offset with Zhang algorithm fixed.
  • Fix: Calibration: Markers from external source are deserialized from project.
  • Fix: Calibration: Possible crash fixed when sending external calibration points to projectors with markers cleared before.
  • Fix: Calibration: Possible threading problems with marker calibration fixed.
  • Fix: CEF: Back to older cef version due to performance issues.
  • Fix: Client Management: Service of restarted engine shows current master IP in Live Systems tree.
  • Fix: Compositing : Direct manipulation controls with wrong size in compositing fixed.
  • Fix: Compositing: Do not render perspectives of screens which are not projectable anymore.
  • Fix: Compositing: Generalized perspective corner points are placed on top of screen.
  • Fix: Compositing: Ghosting screen labels fixed.
  • Fix: Compositing: Hidden layers are not part of bounding box calculation for finding view transformation center.
  • Fix: Compositing: Inner compositing preview camera does not reset aspect ratio to content resolution aspect ratio.
  • Fix: Compositing: Mesh resource import fixed.
  • Fix: Compositing: Mising camera update in inner compositing fixed.
  • Fix: Compositing: Only projectable screens selectable in compositing.
  • Fix: Compositing: Perspective aspect ratio follows content resolution.
  • Fix: Compositing: Perspective positioning in content sampling consistently based on center instead of corner.
  • Fix: Compositing: Perspective positioning takes relationship between physical and resolution-derived sizes of reference screen into account.
  • Fix: Compositing: Perspectives: Snap to screen more stable.
  • Fix: Compositing: Screen group member selection in tree fixed.
  • Fix: DMX: Fixed ComboBox for footprint not being updated correctly in patch dialog.
  • Fix: DMX: Fixed not exporting values for layer transport correctly.
  • Fix: DMX: Fixed not patched params showing in patch plan and not being able to set dmx resolution.
  • Fix: DMX: Fixed not taking opacity and resource param into account when calculating footprint and addresses.
  • Fix: DMX: Fixed not updating the footprint of a layer when params are patched/unpatched.
  • Fix: DMX: Fixed wrong indices assigned to dummy parameters.
  • Fix: DMX: Patch to xml export lists dummy attributes.
  • Fix: DMX: Possible crash with DMX Folder IDs fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: 3D models used as resource in compositing are distributed to clients.
  • Fix: Engine: Art-Net output addresses with padding to avoid universe change in pixel.
  • Fix: Engine: Cancelled transfer tasks are reported to UI.
  • Fix: Engine: Content visible in fullscreen after engine restart.
  • Fix: Engine: Default setting optimized for NUC.
  • Fix: Engine: DLL linker problem fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Dominant values applied to notch block parameters.
  • Fix: Engine: File transfer writing corrupted files fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Fixed HDR/Swap Group output configuration.
  • Fix: Engine: Font contour rendering fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: High CPU usage on dual cpu systems fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: NotchLC Multi GPU Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Possible heap corruption fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Possible jumps when looping videos fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Possible wrong duration for preview files fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Preview files of dds image readable.
  • Fix: Engine: Shared memory path corrected.
  • Fix: Engine: Sink Jpeg IO Error fixed.
  • Fix: Engine: Standard Renderer view position corrected.
  • Fix: Engine: Timeline opacity and fades to other timeline position corrected.
  • Fix: Engine: Unintended output fps limitation removed.
  • Fix: FX: FX with opacity return colour with premultiplied alpha.
  • Fix: FX: FX without parameters fixed.
  • Fix: Game Engines: Fxs without exposed parameters are also shown, now.
  • Fix: GUI: Bottom of dialog controls no longer cut off in some dialogs.
  • Fix: GUI: Collapsible controls in inspector fixed.
  • Fix: GUI: Collapsible controls in inspector stay open on reload.
  • Fix: GUI: Crash fixed if log window was closed with windows task bar controls.
  • Fix: GUI: Do not change library and workspace content together.
  • Fix: GUI: Fixed default openness state not applied to collapsible component.
  • Fix: GUI: Missing labels fixed.
  • Fix: GUI: More space for graphics device and output infos in live systems sub-tab.
  • Fix: GUI: Relative value labels in inspector can be edited.
  • Fix: GUI: Selection in Mapping tab in combination with item shwon inspector fixed.
  • Fix: GUI: Tooltip visible (again) on windows 7.
  • Fix: GUI: Tree showing services and outputs with initialized checkboxes.
  • Fix: License: Even non-valid licenses assign a serial number if they are inited from the current state.
  • Fix: Live Inputs: Engine freeze with Deltacast Live Inputs fixed.
  • Fix: Mapping: Curved screen mappings updates projector pose more often.
  • Fix: Mapping: Deleting the last feed rect leads to reset to keep mapping to output.
  • Fix: Mapping: Feed rect source positioning fixed for multiple projectors in matrix alignment.
  • Fix: Mapping: Mapping without sliced warp mesh uses modified vertices.
  • Fix: Mapping: Marker Calibration: Selected algorithm is distributed.
  • Fix: Mapping: Marker snapping corrected. Control point now snaps exactly on vertex.
  • Fix: Mapping: Min max needed uv coordinates for rotated feed rects corrected.
  • Fix: Mapping: Perspective distortion is immediately applied after enabled.
  • Fix: Mapping: Projector transformation does not affect other outputs of other projectors anymore.
  • Fix: Mapping: Softedge control points editable.
  • Fix: Mapping: Stacked FFD modifier for optimize feed area meshes corrected.
  • Fix: Mapping: Surface points modifier applies modification to correct screen marker set.
  • Fix: Mapping: Test pattern size limited to avoid problems with very large screens.
  • Fix: Mapping: Unnecessary camera reset avoided. Frustum rendering in aux engine disabled. Finer zoom factor for feedRect placement mode.
  • Fix: Mapping: Wrong screen target texture size for displays and LEDs fixed.
  • Fix: Modifier: FFD: Control point count cannot be changed in Z if modifier is perspective.
  • Fix: Modifier: FFD: Problems after control point refinement fixed.
  • Fix: NDI: Possible crash due to network messages fixed. NDI finder moved back into the application
  • Fix: Notch: Colour params (RGBA) did not match the correct colour channel. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Notch: Pixera crashed when block without any exposed notch Notch layer was added to Pixera layer. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Notch: Possible crash fixed.
  • Fix: Presence: Fixed reported computername capped to 15 chars.
  • Fix: Project: Bundling fixed.
  • Fix: Project: Fixed serialization mismatch between different branches.
  • Fix: Project: New project forced on start up by "End" key loads empty default project instead of launching file dialog.
  • Fix: Project: Project compatibility issues between release and beta version fixed.
  • Fix: Project: Project is saved after standard content properties are set in resource.
  • Fix: Project: Project lifecycle fixed.
  • Fix: Project: Project save history. Timestamps were not saved/logged correctly. Project path added to logging.
  • Fix: Project: Starting pixera by double click on project file fixed.
  • Fix: Projectors: Projectors added from database are updated from initial values.
  • Fix: Resources: Bundling of custom effects.
  • Fix: Resources: Creation of default mesh ensured when text resource is removed from layer.
  • Fix: Resources: Fixed "Extract Audio" option not available.
  • Fix: Resources: Fixed creating not readable preview-fallback files for images, original files will be used instead.
  • Fix: Resources: Fixed not being able to delete assets for services which are not present anymore.
  • Fix: Resources: Fixed not handling empty entries in font list.
  • Fix: Resources: Fixed not showing first frame of potential img sequence when importing by multiselecting images.
  • Fix: Resources: Fixed searching for first file in sequence when files are not in order.
  • Fix: Resources: Font file distribution fixed.
  • Fix: Resources: Live Inputs not removable and not draggable to other resource folders.
  • Fix: Resources: NotchLC preview file generation fixed.
  • Fix: Resources: Obj can be used as geometry in compositing.
  • Fix: Resources: Using smaplerate of original file as target for audio extraction.
  • Fix: Screen: Generate test pattern only for projectable screens.
  • Fix: Screens: Camera and ScreenGroup distribute update on screen signature change.
  • Fix: Screens: Content resolution is not updated by scale aspect ratio for custom screens on import.
  • Fix: Screens: Crash fixed when generating big curved led arrays
  • Fix: Screens: Fixed the calculation of the backsides of curved led screens.
  • Fix: Screens: Large project files and possible crash fixed for screens receiving many updates e.g. by tracking.
  • Fix: Screens: Screen resolution change leads to timeline apply time. Changes immediately visible.
  • Fix: Screens: Testpattern on output for screens with multiple projectors fixed.
  • Fix: Screens: Trigger refresh mapping for dynamic screens fixed.
  • Fix: Screens: Undo/redo of transformation change updates perspective position.
  • Fix: Screens: Visualized compositing camera aspect ratio and intrinsics for preview camera fixed.
  • Fix: Selection: Selection fixed when switching from inner to outer and back to inner compositing without interacting with a selected layer.
  • Fix: Sequence: Dominant value assignment of resources fixed for fast consecutive commands.
  • Fix: Sequence: Drag & drop resource/resource folder on structure. Render order was incorrect. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Sequence: Transport buttons visible after switching to preview editing.
  • Fix: Services: Fixed duplicates of possible storage paths.
  • Fix: Services: Fixed not checking if storage location is empty.
  • Fix: Services: Only close engine if place is master.
  • Fix: Services: Performance Monitoring: Performance plot in inspector updated along with the rest of the controls when observed service changes.
  • Fix: Services: Take over service crash with active displays fixed.
  • Fix: Services: Taker Over Service fixed.
  • Fix: Settings: Audio samplerate is always set on startup.
  • Fix: Settings: Help page in settings tab is created correctly for new settings.
  • Fix: Softedge: Max texture size checked during softedge creation.
  • Fix: Softedge: Softedge export size now matches screen target size.
  • Fix: Softedge: Softedge is editable after adding projector to screen and not moving it anymore.
  • Fix: Softedge: Softedges are immediately created after app startup and auto softedge creation.
  • Fix: Softedge: Softedges are immediately created after app startup and auto softedge creation.
  • Fix: Softedge: Visibilty of direct manipulation controls improved.
  • Fix: Softedge: Warped softedge export is rendered with depth buffer.
  • Fix: Timeline: Add resource folder undo fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Art-Net Input: Fixed not being able to set the layer transport mode.
  • Fix: Timeline: Blend to time. Proposed goal time is editable, now.
  • Fix: Timeline: Clip cursor line was not updated correctly when cut tool was disabled. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Clip inpoint and outpoint sometimes could not be set. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Clip/Cue Selection. Buggy selection when pressing Shift.
  • Fix: Timeline: Corrected Insert-Time-Undo bug relevant for insertion of negative times.
  • Fix: Timeline: Cue Blend Duration. Corrected choppy video playback at blended pause cues.
  • Fix: Timeline: Cue triggers stop of other timeline did not work correctly. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Cues. Trigger timeline stop did not set time to 0. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Cut tool. Shown time corresponds to timeline time. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Cutting clips on layers with additional sampler params did not work correctly. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Dominant media was not shown correctly in a small time window before clips. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Dominant Values. Changed resource from video to image or vice versa knocked out engine updates. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Dominant Values. Changed resource of layer did reset the dominant transport values. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Dominant Values. Changing resource did not work correctly whit dominant transport param. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Drag&Drop resource folder on structure added layer/resources in incorrect order. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Duplicate Layer. Text and mesh resources were not conserved on duplicated layer. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Fade in/out undo and redo did not work. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Follow nowpointer bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: For Dominant Values y-Rotation was wrongly interpreted as z-Rotation. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: For long clips, horizontal layer divider were not drawn anymore on high zoom. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Grey-diamond buttons created events with incorrect value for fx params. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Hibernating Layers kept out of domination value application.
  • Fix: Timeline: Interlayer Clip Movement. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Interlayer Clip Movement. Layer structure (fxs) of newly created destination layer was not adapted to source layer. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Jump Cues. Sequence did not update clips correctly after passing jump cue. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Layer render order was incorrect in some cases. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Looping clips were unintentionally reseted after adding events. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Move Nowpointer Shortcuts. Move correctly from clip border to clip border via Shift + ArrowKey.
  • Fix: Timeline: Navigate nowpointer via Shift+ArrowKeys was buggy. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Notch. Sampler params could not be dominant. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Opacity fader update led to new async update.
  • Fix: Timeline: Param mute. After project load engine was updated even when param was muted. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Parameter mute when parameter is dominant was broken. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Preview clip was not shown anymore when dragging resource on timeline. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Preview edit. Suppress engine updates of hibernating transport heads.
  • Fix: Timeline: Preview Edit: Layer remains part of preview edit after unmute.
  • Fix: Timeline: Preview Editing. Audio under preview-edit-nowpointer not played anymore.
  • Fix: Timeline: Preview Editing. Button bar did not update after timeline change. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Preview Editing. Nowpointer of non-preview-editing timelines were depicted as main-preview-edit-nowpointer after timeline change during preview edit. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Preview editing: When moving nowpointer to another clip while preview editing values were dominant, medium was not shown. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Sampler params. Clip copies lost samplers. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Set duration/inpoint/outpoint/wait duration/jump goal time of multiple clips/cues was broken. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Shift+Drag Clip Copy wrongly triggered InterLayerClipMove warning. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Shown layer resource could be cleared even when it was not dominant. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Snapping clients were unintentionally removed from snapping. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Snapping fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Snapping fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Structure drag&drop layer highlighting did not work anymore. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: There were unintentional sampler flashes when pausing timeline. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Timeline countdown updates correctly when cues are deleted. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Timing of events was wrong after sequence fps change. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Toggle layer open/close via doubleclick. Fast consecutive double clicks were ignored. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline: Zoom timeline now also works for EN keyboard layout. Bug fixed.
  • Fix: Transcoding: Automatic resource transcoding fixed.
  • Fix: Transcoding: Automatic transcoding of files dragged onto the batch transcoding folder from the media folder.
  • Fix: Transcoding: Cropping fixed.
  • Fix: Transcoding: Possible crash fixed.
  • Fix: Transcoding: Transcoding fixed for resources in root transcoding folder.
  • Fix: UI: Fixed not editable ip fields for api outputs.
  • Fix: Vioso: Correct Vioso autocal version started when applications are started without specific task.
  • Fix: Vioso: Correct Vioso autocal version started when applications are started without specific task.
  • Fix: Vioso: Disabled mapping is not taken into account.
  • Fix: Warping: Additional vertex modifier to separate automatic perspective correction and user edited offsets.
  • Fix: Warping: Initial warp mesh scaling based on unmodified vertices.
  • Fix: Warping: Reload of mpcdi also renews region information.
  • Fix: Workspace: Changing app modes does not reset aux-in-center state.
  • Fix: Workspace: Compass selection problems and positioning error fixed.
  • Fix: Workspace: Copy and paste fixed.
  • Fix: Workspace: Possible crash after modifier editing fixed.
  • Fix: Workspace: Possible crash with direct input labels in preview fixed.
  • Fix: Workspace: Projectors with locked transformation can be unlocked again.
  • Fix: Workspace: Screens and projectors which are already part of the venue can not be dragged into the workspace again.
  • Fix: Timeline: Allowing for negative speed values.
  • Fix: DMX: Wrong default value for opacity corrected. Resolution for "Mute DMX" no longer editable.

    If you encounter any issues, please use the corresponding Bug & Blocker Reports section in the forum or click HERE.
    For support either use or the General Discussion section in the forum.
    Thank you for your interest and support!
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