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Michael Eckschlager
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Dear Pixera users,

as many of you might use a remote access tool like teamviewer in combination with Pixera we want to let you know that this is affecting the performance and can lead to dropped frames/lagging.

Example Use Case:
You have a permanent installation with pixera installed.
As you are not on site anymore but want to check if everything is still running you are connecting to that installation pc via teamviewer.
You want to see all outputs from pixera so you are showing all displays (this is a setting in teamviewer). You recognize a lot of dropping frames which didn't happened on site!
Of course this can have multiple reasons (then please contact us) but teamviewer can be one of them!

One basic reason is that teamviewer has to grab all the informations from the gpu outputs to display it on your pc ==> more performance needed.
If the playout from Pixera is utilizing a lot of performance already and you are additionally grabbing all outputs it can be the case that the performance of the pc is too low and frames are dropping!

These are just experiences from us and are not solving the general issue!
  • Don't "Show all monitors" at once to check the outputs
  • Quality --> Optimize Speed (Teamviewer Setting)
  • Check the playout performance via the Web UI
  • ...

A meaningful check is just possible and valid if it is performed on site without any interferences like remote tools!
This is not only related to the software teamviewer. A lot of other remote tools are acting in the same way!
Best Regards from Austria
Michael Eckschlager
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