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Michael Eckschlager
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Dear users,

to keep this thread clean and respond to each bug individually, here's a small example how your issue report should look like.
Mainly, this example should help you to clarify some questions in advance and make the reporting as easy as possible.
But also for us it's important to look at each case seperately and collect a lot of informations about a report.

Two Rules: 
1.) Create a new topic for each report and give them a meaningful subject name.
2.) Copy the form below and insert all requested informations.

Version: Here should be the exact Pixera Version e.g. 1.0.6
Bug/Blocker: Here should be a short explanation of your issue
Steps to Reproduce: 
In the case your issue is reproducable, please let us know the exact steps how you get the issue!
The more informations we get the better it is.
System: A few informations about your system would be great (graphic card + driver version, processor, ram, operating system). 
Files: Log Files, Projects, Screenshots, Videos and so on

To get the log files please follow this short explanation.
Execute the "Pixera Log Collector" attached, compress the result (stored in C:\Pixera_Logs) and attach it here.

To manually get the logs please copy the following files to a folder:
All files from: C:\ProgramData\AV Stumpfl\Pixera\logs\
The "settings.stt" from: C:\ProgramData\AV Stumpfl\Pixera\
If available all ".dmp" files from: C:\Program Files\AV Stumpfl\Pixera\
All files from: C:\ProgramData\AV Stumpfl\Wings RX\

Version: 1.0.0
Bug/Blocker: The software is crashing after dragging a projector into the workspace and changing the lens
Steps to Reproduce: 
1.) Create a new project
2.) Add a generic Flat Screen
3.) Add a Barco F50 projector and align it to the flat screen
4.) Assign an output to the projector
5.) Change the Lens from "Generic Lens" to "EN19"
6.) Software is crashing
System: Windows 7 with i7 processor, Nvidia Quadro P5000 and 32GB RAM
Files: see attached

Thank you very much!  ;)
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