Bug: Crash when resizing Track with enabled Liveplayer

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Wings RX 2.6.2

Wings crash when locator passes a trigger wich loads a file from playlist into liveplayer when videotrack with liveplayer is resized to almost the smallest size.

Steps to reproduce:
- activate liveplayer in project
- Load some videos into liverplayerplaylist of a videotrack
- Create trigger: Load videofile from playlist into liveplayer (one, that isn't loaded in player)
- resize the videotrack until you don't see the small preview anymore
- place trigger on a markertrack
- activate presentation mode
- let locator pass trigger
=> Crash should appear

Don't resize liveplayer tracks to the point, the preview isn't there anymore.

When liveplayertrack is resized, some weird graphical glitches appear in the GUI. As soon as the track gets resized to a much bigger size, the GUI seems to reset itselfin a way that the glitches disappear.
If the track gets resized to the minimum, the preview reappears, but in a broken way and the program crashes in the moment, the locator reaches the right side of the visual timelinerange.

Wings Engine Stage

I don't have any logfiles at hand but i could reproduce the bug on another machine.
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Michael Eckschlager
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Hi Ben,

thank you very much for the perfect bug description!
We take a look into that and try to reproduce the issue.
I let you know if we have some news.
Best Regards from Austria
Michael Eckschlager
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