Wings RX General Changelog

Everything related to our high performance and 64-bit Wings RX software.
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Dear Wings users,
to keep you updated about the changes of the Wings releases we want to introduce you this changelog post.
This changelog will be updated with every Wings release!

Please go to "Service"--> "Downloads" -->“Software” on our homepage to get the newest version or use the link below:
Go to the AV Stumpfl download area

Wings RX V2.6+ requires a new driver for the live video inputs on your Wings Engine.
The Live Input Update Pack can be found in the download section as well (Wings Engine Live Input Update Pack V6.09).
A short installation guide how to install this update is included in the zipped update pack.
Please note that the Live Input Update Pack V4 - 6.12 is not compatible with any Wings RX version!

Wings RX V2.7.0:
  • New: "Disable Warnings" deactivates deltacast warning at program startup (useful for projects with autostart)
  • Fixed: Wings 6 responsible again with wrong Deltacast driver
Avio Service:
  • Fixed: Midi Output working again.

Wings RX V2.6.2a:
  • New: Warning at program startup if Deltacast Version doesn't match V6.09 (see information above)
  • Fixed: Display Outputs A-J are usable again 
Avio Service:
  • Fixed: Avio Calendar - some events were not triggered correctly
  • Fixed: ACL - Only use IPv4 now
  • Fixed: Twitter - Unable to login and read data
  • Fixed: VNC will be started as Administrator
  • Fixed: Minor bugfixes

Wings RX V2.6.2:
  • Fixed: It wasn’t possible to set a Vioso Calibrations as “Startup Calibration”
  • Fixed: It wasn’t possible to load a Vioso Calibration via the “Properties” menu
  • Fixed: Displays can’t be assigned to a Target display
  • Fixed: A triggered Audiofile via the Liveplayer stopped at the Pause marker
  • New: NDI Output is capable of RGBA now
  • New: NDI Output Framerate is not limited to 30fps anymore

Wings RX V2.6.1:
  • Fixed: Graphics card/monitor recognition adapted to Intel/Nvidia laptops chipsets (Optimus) (Wings AV only)
  • Fixed: Serial/LAN port now with license "Avio Master" also with LAN (instead of only serial)

Wings RX V2.6 (V2.6.0) includes the following updates: :
  • New: Direct3D Live Video input implemented
  • New: NDI live video input implemented
  • New: Options "Global - Video inputs" have been removed, the video inputs are now configured in the pool objects by input name
  • New: Selection of the live input via combo box with list of the found inputs
  • New: Output of displays via NDI implemented
  • New: New VIOSO Calibrator
  • New: New menu item "Timeline - Editing with Locator" allows you to uncouple the locator from editing, shortcut: F6
  • New: Optional "Snap to locator" now possible for the uncoupled Locator
  • New: When scrolling horizontally, the uncoupled locator now moves with it (i.e. remains at the same time)
  • New: Pixel coordinates of image fields and displays changed to Top/Left = 0/0
  • New: The points at which the timeline jumps on during playback are now displayed and can be moved (while holding down the Ctrl key)
  • New: The automatic scrolling of the timeline during playback can be switched on and off with Ctrl+double-click on the jump points.
  • New: Scroll points are now also adjustable in timeline properties
  • New: Timelines can now be dragged from the pool into the ControlPanel, allowing operation (play, pause, stop), status display and time/countdown display.
  • New: Manual softedge masking implemented (as it was in Wings Vioso)
  • New: Manual warping implemented (as it was in Wings Vioso)
  • New: Undo no longer closes the display outputs. Before the Undo step a freeze of the displays is made, then Undo is executed and afterwards the new content (if something has changed at the current locator position by Undo) is displayed.
  • New: USB SMPTE input interface integrated as device port (with timeline autoplay/stop)
  • New: The timeline ruler now starts at 0:00:00.000 (time code bar became a bit higher)
  • New: Two new triggers "Timeline - Activate/Deactivate Marker"
  • New: The names of master and clients are transferred to the RenderEngine so that they are named in the server setup of the Wings RX Manager web interface as in Wings
  • New: Controls for each timeline in Avio
  • New: Timeline times are now transmitted additionally formatted to Avio (e.g. in frames, previously only in ms)
  • New: New global options dialog "Caching" for default caching of new pool objects
  • New: RX caching completely reimplemented
  • New: Built-in send mode for USB SMPTE interface
  • New: Renaming live inputs in RX Manager is now possible
  • New: It is now possible to drag several pool objects at once into the live players, these are then appended to the playlist
  • New: Live inputs are now also available in the live player
  • New: New button to open the Wings RX Manager web interface in the live input properties
  • New: New option "Default input for new pool objects" in "Global options - Objects - Live video"
  • New: New option to enable GPU decoding of videos in "Project Options - Wings RX"
  • New: New pool object property for enabling GPU decoding for videos
  • New: Active stereo rendering supported
  • New: Auto target filtering implemented
  • New: JPEGs are now loaded with much higher performance
  • New: Add offline image sequence folders to video pool implemented
  • New: Create/update video graphic data is now also possible for all selected pool videos at once
  • New: Drag and drop of pool objects to the timeline is no longer limited to the icon
  • New: Mipmapping can now be activated for videos in the pool objects
  • New: New Menu Item "Mediapool - Replace file path..."
  • New: New point "Replace file path..." in the context menu of audio, image, and video pool objects (also for multiple selection)
  • New: Optional edge smoothing in the screen properties
  • New: Properties of screens and device ports can now also be called from the pool tree with a double click
  • New: Properties of screens and device ports can now also be opened from the pool tree via context menu
  • New: Used pool objects can now be deleted after confirmation prompt, then all affected timeline objects and live player entries are deleted
  • New: When copying a screen, the image fields in the new screen now take over the names of the image fields in the existing screen.
  • New: For track sliders, double-clicking now opens a dialog for setting value, color and value range
  • New: Loop Mass Editing: All loop modes can now be activated for all selected video objects via popup menu
  • New: Option "Load image/video/text always" for timeline objects implemented
  • New: The look-ahead time for seamless jumps and pause markers can now be set between 1s and 5s (5s default)
  • New: New (Wings Touch): Dynamic images for web (do not use appcache for certain controls)
  • Changed: Removed aspect ratio in screen properties, only the output size is adjustable
  • Changed: ControlPanel contents are now also scaled, field sizes are not scaled (due to possibly assigned bitmaps)
  • Changed: In the ControlPanel, Master/Clients are now labeled with "Master" or "Client" as in the pool
  • Changed: Timeline countdown time in the control panel now in white
  • Changed: Help now only in HTML5 format (old chm help removed), Menu item "? - Select help" and ? - Help window in foreground" removed
  • Changed: Unpacking HTML5 help during first start synchronized with Avio Service
  • Changed: NVidia P4000/P6000 activated for assigning outputs to Wings Engines
  • Changed: Template "Default Pools.rxt" is also installed
  • Changed: The dialog that Wings with more than two displays does not run on a Wings Engine has been removed. This information is now written to the log file only
  • Changed: All live inputs in the pool are now always activated (important for live players), until now only the inputs used in a timeline were activated
  • Changed: Removed cropping at live input in the pool (not yet implemented in the RenderEngine)
  • Changed: Changed the function of the toolbar button from "Locate render displays" to "Edit with locator".
  • Changed: The "Multidisplay - Locate Render Displays" menu item has been removed.
  • Changed: After a message box, the focus is now set on the last active window
  • Changed: Display outputs and video inputs in the log file with extended logging
  • Changed: Graphics data settings for image pool objects deactivated, since RenderEngine no longer supports this.
  • Changed: H264 output for FHD/UHD player now with "NVIDIA NVEnc H. 264 Encoder" (instead of "MPEG-4 part2 Video")
  • Changed: In "Global Options - Objects - Video" the options "Framebuffer" and "Preload time" were deactivated (are not considered in RX)
  • Changed: Only the "Default Pools" template is installed
  • Changed: Removed menu item "Extras - Global Options --> Client PCs"
  • Changed: When the Options dialog box is opened, the RenderEngine is no longer automatically closed.
  • Changed: Wings Vioso 6 now accepts the enable codes of Wings Vioso 5 on Wings Engines
  • Changed: With "Extras - Check project" the maximum length of the file names in the pool is now also written into the log file (for troubleshooting if the file names are too long)
  • Changed: Cropping fields for image sequence properties enlarged
  • Changed: In the screen properties the option "Reset Mapping" has been replaced by "Accept Mapping from Wings RX Manager"
  • Changed: More obvious row selection in the media pool
  • Changed: Port "Audio Input" removed
  • Changed: The video property "Video has alpha channel" has been removed because this is detected automatically by the RenderEngine
  • Changed: When creating image fields, displays, ticker fields,"(copy)" is now appended to the popup menu item if necessary.
  • Changed: Possibility to overlay RX-Preview and Wings-Preview removed (was for test purposes only)
  • Changed: RX-Preview deactivated by default for new installations
  • Changed: FPS setting in timeline is now always global for all timelines
  • Changed: Images can no longer be assigned to videos as alpha masks (not yet implemented in the RenderEngine)
  • Changed: In multi-timeline mode the input focus is now always held on the last manually activated timeline (important e.g. when starting further timelines by trigger, etc.)
  • Changed: In the properties of all timeline objects, "Comment" has been renamed to "Label / Comment"
  • Changed: Removed smoothing setting for real-time track controls (not yet implemented in the RenderEngine)
  • Changed: Selection of tracks, objects, nodes and keyframes without Shift/Control removes all selections (except tracks) of the timeline
  • Changed: The duration of timeline objects is now displayed as formatted time (and not in seconds)
  • Changed: The mouse pointer is now always displayed on the preview screen
  • Changed: The option "Locator display" in fps has been removed from the timeline properties
  • Changed: Trigger markers can only be created by dragging a trigger into a marker track
  • Changed: When a new text object is created, the properties dialog will be opened automatically.
  • Changed: When the multi-timeline mode is active, a message now appears in the (then deactivated) status window
  • Changed: Multiple call of the trigger "Timeline - Presentation (Pause)" leaves the pause mode active (previously the timeline was started with the second call)
  • Changed: Trigger "freeze/enable displays" now realized via RenderEngine
  • Changed: Trigger "Permanently freeze displays" removed (had no function in Wings RX)
  • Changed: Changed menu texts in Vioso-Warp: "Reset" -> "Undo", "Full screen" -> "Reset"
  • Changed: Internal changes in pixel mapping/Vioso calibration handling
  • Changed: All wizards and standard projects are now assigned to Wings Engines by default from monitor output A (instead of Windows Monitor 1)
  • Changed: Mixed Media Wizard option "All displays on master PC from monitor 1" renamed to "Display default assignment on master PC" (leads to monitor output A, B, C, ... (instead of Windows Monitor 1, 2, 3,...)
  • Changed (Avio): Max Driver for Premium Old Changed to 1000 like a new Premium Dongle
  • Changed (Wings Touch): Allow more than two running Wings Touch projects when executing via F5
  • Changed (Wings Touch): If you hold down the Shift key at startup, the generation of previews for the pages is deactivated, which increases the performance for large projects
  • Changed (Wings Touch): Save image in 50% quality if bigger than about 1MB when exporting as HTML
  • Changed Wings Touch): Use Webbrowser for webcontent (iframe) now instead of MediaView
  • Changed (Wings Touch): Warn when trying to override write protected files on "transfer project"
  • Fixed: In the MixedMedia Assistant, effects from templates can now be used again
  • Fixed: Color control of effects now also possible with variables.
  • Fixed: When removing an object from a LivePlayer, the corresponding pool entry is now updated ("Used" column)
  • Fixed: Live video objects could not be copied in the timeline
  • Fixed: RenderEngine video inputs and live video objects are immediately updated when changes are made to the live inputs.
  • Fixed: Icon in Menu Item "View - Show Preview Screens" corrected
  • Fixed: File transfer was aborted when the render displays were open. File transfer with the displays open stopped rendering the display content.
  • Fixed: The file transfer option "Transfer only displayed files individually to each client" now works correctly (Project Options - Multidisplay)
  • Fixed: The file transfer option "Transfer the files displayed to each client individually" did not work correctly
  • Fixed: The "Ignore alpha channel" option now works for videos and images
  • Fixed: When cancelling the properties dialog of text objects, the old state was not sent to the RenderEngine
  • Fixed: Wings Remote can now handle images with special characters like " +#[]@$&' (), =" in the filename
  • Fixed: Wings Remote's F-keys now also work on iPad 2
  • Fixed: After timeline editing a blackframe was visible between two videos
  • Fixed: Lightbox labeling was cut off when the working surface was scaled to a large size
  • Fixed: Mouse click on a pool object that is already selected causes it to be displayed in PropertyGrid and PoolPreview (important when changing tabs in the pool, otherwise you first have to select another object to see the object already selected in the PropertyGrid/Pool-Preview)
  • Fixed: Screens could not be renamed in pool
  • Fixed: Variables could no longer be dragged and dropped into effect parameters
  • Fixed: When changing the image fields, the clipping of objects is now also updated live
  • Fixed: Preview screens now work even if the RX Manager is not running on the master PC
  • Fixed: The RX-Preview only worked correctly for one screen, now several screens are also possible
  • Fixed: Adding the control track "Position, Size, Rotation" via PropertyGrid may have led to incorrect object position
  • Fixed: Content of tracks with deactivated image field was wrongly displayed
  • Fixed: Fixed crash when inserting multiple image fields without timeline
  • Fixed: If you moved an image sequence with the Alt key in Wings, the track got stuck
  • Fixed: Live sliders may have jumped back to the wrong value when turning off the priority in edit mode
  • Fixed: Moving the locator over video objects may take a long time to display the content under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: RenderEngine was not updated when activating/deactivating a real-time track control slider.
  • Fixed: The frames of InScreen editing may have disappeared in the RX preview.
  • Fixed: The selection of tracks always worked like holding down the Ctrl key
  • Fixed: The trigger "End render engine" no longer disconnects the manager if only clients are to be terminated
  • Fixed: Timeline renames are now visible in the Avio Manager
  • Fixed: Timeline with sync port starts in Render-Engine at startup, even if no timecode is present
  • Fixed: When pausing an asynchronous audio sample for the first time, it was stopped briefly if playback was started before the sample
  • Fixed: When vertical shifting was activated, overlapping objects could possibly occur, which caused all timeline objects to be blocked.
  • Fixed: The trigger "Avio - Trigger Event" now sets the status only briefly to "1" and then immediately again to "0", (previously the status remained at "1")
  • Fixed: The trigger to stop the RenderEngine now also stops all timelines
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, executing triggers could cause the program execution to hang
  • Fixed: Soft masks are now included in warping
  • Fixed: When activating Display-Warp with open displays it could possibly come to crashes

  • Fixed (Avio): settings.xml should not disappear anymore
  • Fixed (Avio): Show script changed window even if the folder name contains uppercase characters

Wings Touch:
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Add "Last Page ID" and "Timestamp" to ensure pagejump even if connection lost
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Autoscaling
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Do not use appcache if not supported
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Dynamic web images should work now
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Fix layers for button, multistate button and toggle button
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Hide elements when setting opacity to 0
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): No black background for mediafield and webbrowser in webinterface
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Only scale if project resolution is bigger than screen resolution
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Scale Textfield width like all other controls
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Scale web progressbar bar
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Scaling for Wings Touchpad in web fixed
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Slider value has to scale too
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Support \r\n in textfields
  • Fixed (Wings Touch): Webinterface: Do pagejump if the current page to jump to is 0 but there is a missed jump

Known issues in this version:
There are still some issues in this version we are working on.
  • Timelines from previously opened projects (without closing Wings RX) are still visible in Avio
  • Deleting a timeline in Wings has no effect in Avio (Timeline is still visible)
  • Rendering a Wings RX project in a video returns a different result than in the RX RenderEngine preview.
    Please disable the “Preview by RenderEngine” option in the Wings options if you want a preview that matches the rendered video
  • Umlauts in variable names are ignored
  • Starting a presentation only with an audio sample for a certain time (30min) will result in a black screen when it must display pictures/videos
  • Changes in the network settings while Wings RX is open will cause Wings RX to crash (e.g. change from manual ip to dhcp)
  • Multi-client calibration via "Multidisplay - Vioso Calibration" is not possible. Instead, this must be done via "Programs – Vioso Calibrator"
  • Multiple screens in combination with multiple timelines can lead to poor performance of the preview screen
  • The names of the NDI inputs may be incorrectly formatted in the Live Input dialog.
  • H.265 Videos cannot be created on a WingsEngine (because the GUI graphics card is used for rendering, which do not support rendering H.265)
  • Videos and Picture Sequences with alpha channel will appear with a black border if they are scaled (except PNG)
  • Variables cannot be used in the formula editor of the real-time control
  • LTC timecode is not played correctly when using ASIO - please use WDM in this case
  • 3G-SDI inputs and outputs do not yet support PSF, 2048x1080, 4096x2160

Wings RX V2.2.6:
  • Fixed: Several Bugfixes in Avio
  • Fixed: The activated Avio calendar could crash the Avio service

Wings RX V2.2.5:
  • Fixed: With Wings Touch copied objects were handled incorrectly or were no longer available after loading the project

Wings RX V2.2.4:
  • Fixed: Sync problem in master and client operation solved (jumps in the timeline were executed arbitrarily)
  • Fixed: The file transfer option "Transfer only displayed files individually to each client" now works correctly (Project Options - Multidisplay)

Wings RX V2.2.3:
  • Internal version

Wings RX V2.2.2:
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, executing triggers could cause the program execution to hang.

Wings RX V2.2.1:
  • Fixed: Licensing issues fixed

Wings RX V2.2.0 Release (V2.2.0) includes the following updates:
  • New: Creator License which works without copy protection dongle and can be used for show production, as show master and for demo (limitations compared to full license: local playout only in demo mode, no video rendering, no autostart options, Vioso calibration only in demo mode)
  • New: Real-time effects implemented (effects can be activated via right click on an image or video object – Enable/display effects).
    A short description of the effects can be found in the attached PDF
  • New: Preview engine based on the Wings RX Render Engine (please keep in mind that the preview can cost a lot of performance during playback for large images, videos and image sequences. Settings can be found in Project Options - Wings RX - Preview Screens)
  • New: 3G-SDI output possible using suitable hardware (the setup of the outputs can be found in the Wings RX Manager - I/O-Setup. The Wings RX Manager can be opened via the devices pool - right click on the server - Wings RX Manager)
  • New: Import of generic calibration (use menu Multidisplay - Generic Calibration)
  • New: User interface scaling for high-DPI monitors (settings can be found under Global Options - User Interface)
  • New: Assigning monitor outputs to displays now checks whether the output is already in use and offers a swap if possible.
  • New: Clicking with the mouse into the timeline will make the playback jump to this position (can be deactivated in Options - General)
  • New: Color transformation per video configurable (settings can be found in the options of the timeline object)
  • New: Delete all selected devices in the device pool now possible
  • New: Delete all selected elements in the timeline with delete key with deletion info/confirmation, if more than one element is selected (confirmation is adjustable in Options – User Interface)
  • New: Delete key implemented in the light box (Ctrl + Delete closes gap for single selection)
  • New: Double click on the Locator time opens the "Go to" dialog (like menu item "Timeline - Go to").
  • New: Dragging and dropping variables from the pool to the empty timeline area creates new tracks and objects with combined in / out variables if the number of in and out variables is the same. This is very useful for recording many control channels
  • New: For image, video and audio pool objects, alternative names can now be assigned (in the pool if the display of full pathnames is deactivated)
  • New: Global Options - Objects - Data now has the new option "Four nodes, start and end at 0%"
  • New: Image sequences can now optionally get the name of the containing folder (Options - Objects - Video)
  • New: In the video pool, the number of audio channels is now displayed in the "Format / Audio" column
  • New: Increase of functions per function groups in Avio Service: 25 drivers (5 so far), 50 custom scripts (10 so far), 2 touch projects (1 so far)
  • New: Jumps with Ctrl/Shift + cursor keys are now also possible during playback
  • New: Live video deinterlacing implemented (setting can be found in the Wings RX Manager - I/O Setup – select the input – Deinterlace Mode)
  • New: New audio handling of multichannel sound videos (including automatic creation of multiple audio tracks, etc.)
  • New: New keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + B" for media pool - optimize display data
  • New: New menu item "Edit - Unselect" (shortcut Ctrl + D)
  • New: New option to display the file extensions in Pool and Timeline Editor (Options - User Interface)
  • New: New option to drag and drop multiple image sequences from Windows Explorer to insert all sequences at default frame rate without further dialogs
  • New: New option to scroll vertically in the timeline with the mouse wheel (Options - User Interface)
  • New: New Output Option "Combine displays for rendering". The setting is necessary to combine all displays on a graphics card in one render step for pixel mapping. If not activated you can only access pixels within one display (setting can be found in the properties of the screens)
  • New: New pop-up menu item in the video pool: "Insert picture sequence folder ..." (with the same function as Drag & Drop from folder in PoolTree)
  • New: New version of Wings Remote with selectable layout and font size setting (Options - Wings Remote and in Wings Remote)
  • New: New Wings Remote implemented (settings can be found under Global Options – Wings Remote)
  • New: Pause markers can be set with a capital "M" (position marker as before with a lowercase "m")
  • New: Pixel mapping via import of a csv file (can be found in the Wings RX Manager – Output Mapping)
  • New: Playback performance for 120fps playout has been optimized
  • New: Playback performance for several video und image sequence formats has been optimized
  • New: Render layer and remote index are now displayed in the timeline tab
  • New: Screen guides and presets can now be imported from other projects
  • New: Start delay if some background tasks are active, so that they can be stopped without interfering the playback (adjustable in Options - General).
    The task queue is reactivated two seconds after stopping the playback
  • New: The F-keys of Wings Remote can be assigned the names / comments of the assigned F-key triggers
  • New: The F-keys of Wings-Remote can now be individually labeled
  • New: The help has been changed to html5 format. This help will be available online on our homepage.
    The help format can still be changed to the old format in the current version (Options - User Interface
  • New: The timeline tabs now have different colored icons; Stop = red, Play = green, Pause = yellow
  • New: Timeline - Go to ... (Ctrl + G) now also possible with relative time
  • New: Timeline objects can now be reset to the screen field standards by using the pop-up menu item "Assign Default Size/Position"
  • New: Trigger "Timeline - Relative Position" now with exact time (so far only in whole seconds)
  • New: Triggers are now multitimeline-capable
  • New: Triggers now have an automatic naming with category / action in the properties dialog
  • Changed: Adaptation of the audio extraction to problematic / faulty videos (with incorrect channel number in header / container)
  • Changed: After changing display properties, the displays will open again if they were previously open
  • Changed: Audio extraction adapted for special (so far problematic) video formats
  • Changed: Avio connectivity: "Stop All" built in, ticker texts renamed to text channels
  • Changed: Before network authentication, a ping (timeout 1s) is sent to avoid waiting times for missing servers
  • Changed: Crash handling completely revised, Error Reports are no longer sent but stored in date-based subfolders.
    Please send us these reports in case of a crash (the report folder will be opened by using the menu Extras – Open Folder – Reports)
  • Changed: Deactivated master client PCs are now displayed in light gray in the Control Panel
  • Changed: Deleting with the delete button will not delete any tracks
  • Changed: Detect by number of bits whether an alpha channel is included in the video file or not.
  • Changed: Dialogues save their position
  • Changed: For seamless loops, the jump distance is now internally rounded to the audio buffer size (1/20s) (jump marker is shifted internally)
  • Changed: Frame Blender on video objects by default now disabled
  • Changed: Framerate of Preview is now limited to 30fps
  • Changed: If the RX Manager is not connected when loading a Vioso calibration, a warning will be displayed.
  • Changed: In the network options, the RX Manager checkbox "Local" is now activated automatically, if you enter the loopback IP as manager IP
  • Changed: Installer: Windows XP and Server 2003 are now blocked (no installation possible)
  • Changed: Jump to a pause marker while the timeline is running now pauses at the pause marker
  • Changed: Layout logic from Wings Remote now also adapted to smartphones
  • Changed: Live video inputs can be renamed in Wings RX Manager
  • Changed: Live video inputs optimized (HDMI, DVI, 3G-SDI 10Bit)
  • Changed: Locate Render-Display is now activated by default and is always reactivated with "File - New ..."
  • Changed: Machine hardware configuration is saved on the server
  • Changed: Media Pool menu items for converting videos to Wings videos removed
  • Changed: Minimal changes in keyboard shortcuts
  • Changed: New icon in the timeline video object for freerun loop / timelocked freerun loop
  • Changed: New image fields / displays now always get a consistent name
  • Changed: New reduced properties dialog for live video objects
  • Changed: Newly created screens are no longer automatically opened
  • Changed: Number of graphics/intermediate data created in parallel can now be set under Options - Graphic data (default: 1)
  • Changed: On Wings Engines with an old version of the Wings Engine user interface the Wings5.ini is used instead of the Wings6/RX.ini
  • Changed: Options for CD / DVD / Blu-ray on project backup removed, no backup on optical media
  • Changed: PSD format (Photoshop) has been removed from all export dialogs of images/image sequences (the functionality itself has been removed some time ago)
  • Changed: The "Current" timeline in Avio makes no sense in multi-timeline operation and is no longer updated
  • Changed: The Sync mode is now set correctly for Windows 8/10 at the first program start
  • Changed: The task queue is now always reactivated after 3s, so no sudden CPU load during playback jumps, etc.
  • Changed: The track headers are now visually separated below the tracks by a line from the track area
  • Changed: The triggers "Variable Fade with Pause / Continue" now also work in multi-timeline mode
  • Changed: Timeline scrubbing is no longer supported
  • Changed: Timeout when connected to the render engine now adjustable (Options - Network)
  • Changed: Transitions in the sRGB color space instead of the linear color space
  • Changed: Trigger "Timeline - Jump to Position" renamed to "Timeline - Jump to Marker"
  • Changed: Triggers have been cleaned up
  • Changed: Updated RED SDK to version 6.3.0
  • Changed: Video output for FHD/UHD player updated (output via H.264 and H.265 (only for UHD players))
  • Changed: "Vioso calibration via camera" option in display properties renamed "Consider display when performing Vioso calibration" (to avoid misunderstandings)
  • Changed: When a new display is created, Wings Engines is now assigned the default monitor output A (instead of Windows Monitor 1)
  • Changed: When controlling effect parameters by variables, the value range of the variable is now taken into account
  • Changed: When dragging and dropping files into the empty main window (without timelines), only the respective project files (ie * .w6 or * .rx) are accepted
  • Changed: When setting position/pause markers with the M key in pause mode, the last marker type is now retained
  • Changed: When starting the program, the RX-Manager is now connected, so that the realtime effects are always available
  • Changed: Wings Avio Master license now includes async audio
  • Changed: Wings Vioso version changed to V6 (because there is an update to Wings Platinum V6 in the HDAV market). You will need a new enable code only if you don’t have Wings RX!
  • Changed: With the trigger "Execute Vioso Calibration" Wings does not open the displays automatically (because it cannot be determined when the calibration is finished)
  • Fixed: Analog live video inputs may show some interference
  • Fixed: Audio track of rendered videos was distorted / fragmented at certain combinations of frame rate and audio sampling frequency
  • Fixed: Behavior of jump markers no longer depends on the set timeline resolution
  • Fixed: Clicking on the newly created blank timeline could crash the active RX displays
  • Fixed: Disabling Vioso calibration in display properties now resets the Vioso calibration for that machine
  • Fixed: Dramatically improved performance in multitimeline operation
  • Fixed: DVI Live Input needed a relatively long time to open the first time
  • Fixed: Even objects without a control track are now updated when changes are made to image fields via dialog in the screen
  • Fixed: Extend Object Right now works for looped video/audio objects when there is another object on the right
  • Fixed: Fixed an internal error during the recording of data objects (in very rare cases saving the wrong vertical edge with continuous data)
  • Fixed: Fixed occasional crashes at the end of the video rendering
  • Fixed: Fixed occasional crashes when closing Wings RX
  • Fixed: Fixed occasional crashes when dragging files from Explorer into the empty space under the pool folder tree
  • Fixed: Fixed occasional crashes when removing devices from the device pool
  • Fixed: Fixed redraw bug in the ControlPanel after changing the field size in the page properties
  • Fixed: For images in the live player, the autoplay delay is now only considered when autoplay is activated
  • Fixed: If you quit the manager engine via pop-up menu item "Stop Render Engine", reconnecting no longer results in errors requiring a second attempt
  • Fixed: Image sequences may have been shortened when aborting the graphic data calculation
  • Fixed: In a freerun video, the video is played back from the beginning when jumping before the start of the video
  • Fixed: Internally changed exit of the RenderEngine to avoid crashes at the end of the program
  • Fixed: Jump markers with invalid jump destination are now ignored
  • Fixed: Jumps via trigger to previous marker did not work
  • Fixed: Media pools internally converted to a new administration to prevent crashes
  • Fixed: Moving the content of video and audio objects in the timeline while holding down the Alt key works again
  • Fixed: New timelines now automatically get remote indexes from 1 (instead of 0)
  • Fixed: New trigger "Timeline - jump to position" jumps to exact time position
  • Fixed: New video inputs now get a default name based on the number of video inputs
  • Fixed: No names could be assigned for pictures in the pool
  • Fixed: Objects were only partially updated after changing the image field or assigning default size / position on the screen
  • Fixed: Optimized sending of variables to Avio
  • Fixed: Pausing without open displays could cause the timeline to stop
  • Fixed: Potential crashes caused by misuse of pop-up menus in the pool eliminated
  • Fixed: Render layer and remote index in the timeline tab were not updated immediately when changes were made
  • Fixed: Screens are now updated by changes to image fields via dialog
  • Fixed: "Stop rendering engine" in the device pool now gives the manager enough time to shutdown
  • Fixed: Swapping pictures in the Timeline while holding down the Alt key works again
  • Fixed: Text objects with text variables are now updated immediately when text changes
  • Fixed: The live players now continue playing on timeline pause
  • Fixed: The preview no longer requires any performance without active output
  • Fixed: The triggers for the live players will work again
  • Fixed: The use of timeline index 0 stopped working in single timeline mode. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Timeline times in Avio could be invalid and are now limited to the respective value range
  • Fixed: Two HDMI 2.0 cards did not work in a server
  • Fixed: Unused variables in effects no longer block the assignment of these variables to other parameters of this effect
  • Fixed: Videos with alpha channel were displayed incorrectly in the timeline (wrong colors and upside down)
  • Fixed: Vioso licenses were used incorrectly (Lite instead of Pro, etc.)
  • Fixed: Warning when unable to connect to RX Manager, optional display of network options
  • Fixed: When a client is made a hot backup, any affected displays are disabled and the assignment to the client is removed
  • Fixed: When cutting timeline objects, the properties table is updated
  • Fixed: When duplicating tracks, the target displays will be copied
  • Fixed: When fixing or unlocking timeline objects, the properties table is now updated
  • Fixed: When inserting several image sequences, the files "thumbs.db" were also read out. This could have caused a crash.
  • Fixed: When jumping to a pause marker while the timeline was running, the timeline did not pause there. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: When saving a Vioso startup calibration, the missing sps file is no longer an error (with existing vwf file)
  • Issue: H.265 Videos cannot be created on a WingsEngine (because the GUI graphics card is used for rendering, which do not support rendering H.265)
  • Issue: Videos and Picture Sequences with alpha channel will appear with a black border if they are scaled (except PNG)
  • Issue: Variables cannot be used in the formula editor of the real-time control
  • Issue: LTC timecode is not played correctly when using ASIO - please use WDM in this case
  • Issue: 3G-SDI inputs and outputs do not yet support PSF, 2048x1080, 4096x2160
  • Issue: Video inputs do not work in the live player

Wings RX V2.0 includes the following updates:
Wings RX:
  • New: A new very helpful handling procedure for hot backup servers has been integrated.
    In Wings RX V2, you can specify hot backup clients for multiple playout clients. By this definition, the hot backup client gets all the information needed to replace the playout client during playback - all necessary media files are also copied to the hot backup client.
    In the unlikely event of a playout client failure, the Hot Backup client can take the playout client job without the need to edit IP addresses.
    All functions can of course be controlled via Avio.
  • New: Option in "Global Options - Network": When terminating Wings RX, quit/do not quit/ask to quit the Wings RX Manager
  • New: Trigger "Save Project": allows you to save the project even when the show is running
  • New:
    Wings RX V2 is a technology update and provides the basis for further new developments of Wings RX.
    The biggest change is the completely new internal administration and management of the individual servers, which is now accomplished by the new Wings RX Manager.
    Wings RX Manager is a new software component and the central control interface that connects individual servers and the Wings RX user interface.
    The Wings RX Manager starts automatically and runs in background.
  • New: Wings RX V2 Manager is administered with a new web interface, which can be accessed via the context menu of the device pool. Users can set up and change server, output and input settings within the new web interface. Please keep in mind that the new web interface is still in development and will stay in beta stadium for a while. To ensure successful show operation during the beta phase of the web interface, the changes that are made in the web interface are overwritten by the Wings user interface with the correct show data at every start.
  • New: centralized logging of the RenderEngine via the web interface of the Wings RX Manager.
  • New: Media files can be transferred directly from the master to clients (without Windows shared network drive). Transfer status and transfer errors are shown in the control panel. Double click opens the log file.
  • New: Faster master-to-client data transfer check.
  • New: Hot backup ability: An additional client can be defined and added as a backup device during a running show. After changing the IP address, the backup client directly takes over the predefined show parts and will seamlessly start at the exact, preselected time.
  • New: Advanced Live-Input Handling, including 4K via 4x 3G-SDI (4 quadrants, SMPTE 425-3/5).
  • New: The Video Live Player can now also playback images.
  • New: Live-Player can now be controlled via Avio.
  • New: Precise pause marker execution.
  • New: New free running loop mode for timeline video objects.
  • New: Static image field clipping implemented.
  • New: Timecode input (Locate-and-Play) implemented.
  • Changed: When master / client PCs are created, these are also optionally created in the ControlPanel
  • Changed: When deleting non-empty tracks, there is a safety query first
  • Changed: Manual pause (by space bar or toolbar button) now has the same behavior as pause marker
  • Changed: Shift + Stop button in the toolbar stops all running timelines
  • Changed: Stop button in the toolbar now executes "Stop" instead of "Reset"
  • Changed: Before starting a Vioso calibration, all timelines are now stopped and all RenderEngines are terminated
  • Changed: With the Avio master license, all Show Control objects (data, switching, drivers, MIDI, etc.) can now be created
  • Fixed: Optimized performance on uncompressed playback - the performance glitches of the public beta version (V1.99.2) were removed.
  • Fixed: Clicking in newly created empty timeline could lead to a crash in active RX displays
  • Fixed: Pausing without open displays could cause the Timeline to stop running
  • Fixed: "Freerun loop" objects are now no longer affected by jump markers
  • Fixed: Local render displays can now be opened without a connected network
  • Fixed: Manual pause now also works just before a jump marker
  • Fixed: Track faders are now considered at the start of the render engine (and not until the first change)
  • Fixed: If you click exactly between the track head and the live fader when the presentation is running, the presentation will no longer be terminated
  • Fixed: Changes to image fields and displays are now immediately visible
  • Fixed: Assignments of image fields to tracks are now immediately visible
  • Fixed: When screen properties are changed, all screens are automatically closed (like Shift + Escape)

Wings Touch:
  • New: Wings Touch pages via web: The webserver now directly transfers value changes through a new communication technology. This makes the web interface more responsive.
  • New: Quickly create and change appealing designs using the new template management in the Wings Touch Designer

  • New: New, centralized logging.

Avio Manager:
  • New: Performance optimization for complex projects
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