Syncing RX RAW and RX Pro (master-slave) ?

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Is it possible to add RXPro licenced computer to timeline which is runned in RX RAW engine.

As an example case. We have RX RAW running a main display with uncompressed content
and I´d like to have additional info (slave) displays (simple compressed video loop, stills) in other machine.

Both machines and screens should appear "normally" in timeline for editing. This in either of the machines.

Is this possible ?


Kai Lainkari
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Michael Eckschlager
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Hi Kai,

that's no problem!
You can literally add each pc with a RX license to your project setup.
It doesn't matter in the project itself if you want to play out uncompressed or compressed content, there are no differences in the handling. ;)

If you have further questions feel free to ask us!
Best Regards from Austria
Michael Eckschlager
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