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Stefan aus Berlin
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Hi there! I thought it might be a good idea to make a thread where people can add features they miss or would like to have in the future.

Let me do the first step:

1. a "keep aspect ratio" function at every point where objects can be scaled

2. a status bar (or window) where I can see the status of certain things like transfer status or drop frames or actual and recent ssd data rate, etc.

3. a better (easier) 2D integration. I do understand that the focus lies on 3D but there are still loads of 2d shows out there (actually most of the shows are 2d...)
to be more precise: If I only want to run a setup with a softedge of 2 (or even 20) projectors or a setup with some LED Panels I do not need a z axis at all.

My idea would be to make it possible to deactivate the 3D functionality and just work with some kind of "canvas mode": i.e. I create a 3600x1920 2D canvas and i can specify which area is going to which output (like in the Barco Eventmaster software). This could be done by dragging the output on the canvas (still in 2D) and then making adjustments in the inspector window. This "canvas mode" could just be an additional option to the already available "Screen, Projector, LED".
The workflow could be: create a canvas in screen settings, then go to mapping settings and drag and drop the 2D outputs onto the canvas (with a snap function), then make adjustments in the inspector. In the composting tab you would always see a 2D space only.

4. a countdown function (like in WingsRX) to a specific marker

That's it for now. If I missed that one of the features is already available - let me know :-)
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Ease-In-Out der Keyframes per Shortcut wie bei After Effects.

Layer Rotation Speed
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to make me happy i would like to use:

1: implementation of "midi controllers" and "realtime control" or something like this to live fade in or fade out layers, its most needed function for live inputs - cameras and ppts
2: copy keyframes to whole object like in Wing RX, speed it up very much work
3: Triggers - Pause, Continue, Play position, etc. connected to Midi controller

Thank you for reading
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Hi There,

Feature Requests:

Programming Eyes Position on Timeline. It helps to simply duplicate screens and seperate them in one setup.
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