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Basic C-Sharp Class for the API

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:41 pm
by Benni_M

i wrote a small c-sharp class for basic command.
Not all Implemented and not everyting is 100% testet ;-)

Basic Setup:

PixeraClient client;

to connect use:
client = PixeraClient.ConnectTcp(IpAdress, Port) // Protocol JSON/TCP

basic methods:
to get timeline time:
client.TimelineGetCurrentTimeByName("Timeline 1").totalTime //return the total time as string (hh:mm:ss:ff)
for play/pause/stop:
client.TimelineSetTransportModeByName("Timeline 1",1) //set the timeline 1 to play
for position:
client.LayerSetPositionInPixelByName("Timeline 1", 0, "x", 1500) //set the X Position from the first Layer on Timeline 1 to 1500

I hope you like it :-D