How to create a basic multidisplay project

Wings Vioso 5 and earlier versions.
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Michael Eckschlager
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This is a short tutorial how to create a basic multidisplay project and assign the corresponding displays.
Please follow these steps with accuracy!
  1. 1.) Open Wings Vioso and choose "Project Wizard" --> "Creation of a new mixed media project".
    Creation of a new mixed media project.png
  • 2.) In the case we are creating a multidisplay project we have to choose "Yes, this is a multidisplay project".
  • 3.) Put in your desired resolution from your output and how many displays you need.
    It automatically calculates the resolution from your screen.
    If you select the "Screen field" checkmark it's creating a screen field automatically for each displays.
    Multiscreen options.png
  • 4.) There are some several pool templates you can choose for your project.
    Choose one which fits your needs!
    Pool Template.png
  • 5.)
    Choose which and how many tracks you want to have prepared.
    Additionally with the "per screen field" checkmark it's possible to assign screen fields automatically to tracks.
    Timeline Tracks.png
  • 6.) Now you successfully created your multidisplay project, the next step is to assign the outputs.
    Successfully created.png
  • 7.) Select the "Screen 1" in the mediapool.
    The multidisplay areas and also the corresponding screen fields are shown.
  • 8.) Doubleclick the icon from the multidisplay area "Display 1".
    A new window appears where you can assign your output.
    If you have done this for all displays, you are ready to start the presentation.
    Display Properties.png
  • The result is a multidisplay project with hardedge and you can play out on two separated displays.
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