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Still looking for that RS232 protocol ? calling the brand and asking for the codes and they don't understand what you're talking about ?
i know that by heart. So, i gathered up all the protocols i have into an online database.

Just search for a brand, a product, find it and then you have some codes available and information about the RS232 connection (straight or not...)

Little bonus added, click on a function and it generates automatically a stumpfl driver !

Give it a try, send an email to request your login and enjoy :

This look beautiful, but don't take it as a perfect reference, some codes might be wrong or not working. They're might be some french words also.
Do not hesitate to email me about this webiste if you have suggestion, some protocols you want me to add....
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Michael Eckschlager
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Dear Etienne,

thank you very much for sharing this important information!
A lot of people can benefit now from this database.

Thank you!
Best Regards from Austria
Michael Eckschlager
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