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Hi there,

do someone has already made a daily log of the Touch Interface ?
I mean, i'd like to know every evening how many times a button have been pressed during the day.
I could do a Led Indicator and reset it every morning, but i would love it into a .txt on my computer, so the client can check some statistics when he wants.

I'm using wings in specialized hospitals, a touch interface allows doctors to change light colors, sounds, temperature and odors in different rooms in order to cure and relax people with specific diseases - therefore a log to check which kind of effects are most used makes sense.

Is it possible to create a script to get that kind of daily log on my computer ? Is it already created ?
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Michael Eckschlager
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Currently there is no comfortable way to view some statistics.
But there's a "Write File" script available which writes a string to a text file. This text file will be updated after each change.

I just connected a few existing scripts and a scheduler to show you an example how you can save your statistic from a button to a text file and reset it daily.
But maybe someone else has a simpler idea or even better a finished script which will do that work.
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