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Matt Finke
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350 years curiosity.

Merck in Darmstadt celebrates their 350 anniversary with a impressive ceremonial act. Together with our partner company we have created the content-design for this enormous canvas. Together with Merck and Jazzunique we created within 12month a 6k dome-projection which followed the guiding theme "celebrate curiosity". The result was a immersive journey thru time of the corporation and it`s future outlook.

We have used AV Stumpfl Wings Engine RAW to play back in 6k (36 million pixel per frame) at 50 frames per second in lossless quality. Aligned in one seamless image over 22 projectors together with VIOSO. In total 2.800 square meters canvas size the audience was presented a 3d production thru time and science history, present and future.

Thanks to :

Das M350 Team,, Merck 350,  Jazzunique, Oliver Kähler, VELTEN

VIOSO, AV Stumpfl

loop light GmbH
Marburger Str. 65
35043 Marburg


Tel. : +49 6421 931851

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Michael Eckschlager
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Very interesting project! Congratulation! :)
Best Regards from Austria
Michael Eckschlager
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Oliver Kilian
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This is awesome!
Master Fletch to the rescue!
Great job Loop Light!
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