PSA / Peugeot road shows

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3 years ago, Peugeot decided to switch to Wings for their training road shows.
Each time they're releasing a new car, they have to teach their sellers in France what's new and how to sell it.
Wings is a perfect solution for them, 1 computer / 1 wifi / 1 ipad : The speaker has his ipad with him on stage, he can launch his videos, powerpoints, sounds, manage volume and lights...

I don't have that much pictures cause it's basically a guy standing up with an ipad in front of people and cars.
This september, we'll be three people starting up the tour with Peugeot (Peugeot is doing 3 cities at a time), so we made a training yeasterday in my office :
As PSA is really happy about the way these training tours are going on, we finally are going to put some more Wings in several Peugeot events all over the year ! :D
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