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Mon May 20, 2019 3:49 pm

Dear Pixera users,

this changelog contains enhancements, bug fixes, and some new features.
Note that this list is not a complete list of all fixes.
The majority of customer-reported issues, reproducible system errors, and numeric issues have been corrected.

Pixera 1.0.15:
Download | 24.06.2019
  • Improvement: No need to choose the path for a Vioso Calibration during editing of an existing one
  • Improvement: New API functions added. Timelines: "ignoreNextCue", Cues: "getTime", "setTime".
  • Improvement: Projector database: Old projectors added to database
  • Fix: Vioso (editing of existing calibrations, various bug fixes)
  • Fix: Recognition of image sequences failed in some cases
  • Fix: Local engine no longer closed if it's not in list of explicit IP filters
  • Fix: Missing API json file added to installer
  • Fix: Possible crash during marker calibration
  • Fix: Unclipboardable selected content no longer corrupts clipboard
  • Fix: Tasks with invalid service id are now closed after error message
  • Fix: Perspectives in screen group are updated when screens is removed from group
  • Fix: Non modal dialogs which are still shown on app stopping are closed correctly
  • Fix: Possible crash in sequence with adjoining clips fixed

Pixera 1.0.7:
Download | 15.05.2019
  • Feature: „Take over Service“ backup functionality has been implemented
  • Feature: Pixera now supports SDI output for Pixera Servers equipped with the according 4/8 I/O 3G SDI cards 
  • Improvement: Sequence Button Bar received more functionality: 
    • Toggle next cue state (ignore next cue)  
    • Joint kind
    • Toggle cut tool
    • Lock movement horizontal/vertikal 
  • Improvement: SDI video outputs react to F5 and shift+esc 
  • Improvement: Marker Calibration with numeric labels 
  • Fix: Fix of a memory leak that was caused by importing 3D gltf objects
  • Fix: Softedge now works with imported 3D objects and 90 degree rotated projectors
  • Fix: Colour standard settings saved for live inputs
  • Fix: Live Input „Active Status“ is stored in the project
  • Fix: Multiple overlapping clips had unwanted behaviour if events (keys) have only been inserted into the first clip 
  • Fix: Custom LED objects now show the correct behaviour
  • Fix: Import of embedded textures from FBX files

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If you encounter any issues, please use the corresponding Bug & Blocker Reports section in the forum or click HERE.
For support either use or the General Discussion section in the forum.
Thank you for your interest and support!
Best Regards from Austria
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