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I'm a new user and working with Pixera Demo versions while doing some early testing for a project. I have recently started to dive into the software more and have a few bugs that I have questions about. I'm not sure if these are common bugs, or just a problem with my demo version.

Here are my steps to reproduce in a simple file:
  • Create a generic flatscreen screen
  • Add a stock/built-in video to the screen as a single layer
  • Reposition the layer within the display (manually via click and drag)
  • Save the File
  • Reload the same file you just saved
  • Layer position is not remembered and is usually reset to 0,0,0 instead of say -335,700,0
I'm able to reproduce this in v 1.6.28 and 1.6.21 - I can confirm the file has saved properly by the file modified timestamp updating. other elements seem to save fine, but the layer position never seems to. While in the process of documenting this issue, I may have found the solve, but it feels a bit unintuitive and I would like to confirm. I've now noticed that if I move the layer, the yellow keyframe Diamond appears - and if I click it, it adds a keyframe for the position and THEN it actually saves the X/y position in the file when I reload. Maybe I need to re-watch the tutorial video, but I would expect if I manually move something, that it would save that position when I save.

And while I'm here, this is maybe a feature request or a question of a newcomer. The layer positioning GUI seems really inconsistent. It's very unclear how to get to the "Layer Key Values" UI in the upper right where I can actually set Position/Size/Rotation. The only way to control position manually seems to be via clicking the actual asset in the viewport. I would expect I could change position/size/rotation if I click the layer or asset in the Timeline, not in the viewport. While writing this, I did find that I can set the position in the keyframe area on the timeline, but that UI is a little less friendly and as a user I would have expected to have those same controls in the little layer UI in the top right corner with all the other settings like "offsets."

Additionally, is there any feature to just lock a layer position so you can't accidentally move it? I see I can lock screens. I guess the keyframes would be one way to protect against that, but it gets challenging when there are a lot of layers on top of each other

Thank you!
Oliver Kilian
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Dear Neil,
I can only assume that you did not store the changes you have made.
All changes will not be stored until you create keyframes for your changes.
The basic concept is demonstrated here:

Be sure to check out all our videos we have on our youtube channel
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTqOHr ... B3sQPmwkZg

Please let me know if this solves your issue.
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